Does anyone else thing the up and down vote feature should be removed?

I understand the original intention of this, but I think that now it's way too overblown. People down vote for everything now, from not liking the person who asks the question to seeing a sentence in the question they don't like. Same with up-voting as the concepts are the same. I think that this feature should be removed. Anyone else?


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  • I agree. It's pretty much an "I (dis)like this person" button and has nothing to do with advice.

    • Exactly. Plus if there is a question opposite of your beliefs, it's automatically down voted. This site is jammed full of immature people with no experience in life, so since they don't know about anything they down vote it as a result. It's ridiculous.

    • I could not agree more.

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  • Agreed. It's f***ing pointless.

  • It made me feel bad at first to be downvoted on things that didn't make any sense. I've noticed since I put my picture up I get downvoted more often so I'm not really sure what to think about that. I just don't care anymore. However I do like the feature since it allows me to see what other people agree most on.

  • Yes because now Its pointless since we won't get any points from it anymore.Some users here have been keeping old personal grudge towards other users for some reasons.Their answers will get down voted no matter how relevant they are.Still,It won't harm the users though but sometimes It can be annoying.

  • i agree. its useless.

  • I totally agree with you. and a few others here that it's nothing more than , at times, to cause some person you don't like to lose points.

    even if it's a valid answer!

    it's too bad people abuse this option and just disagree for no reason!

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  • I am in agreement also. When I give advice, regardless of who asks the question, I try to be as open minded and unbiased as possible because I want to give fair and impartial advice. In the comments area I will sometimes see people state, "that makes sense" or "I agree 100%", etc, but as I look at it , I will get a barrage of down votes just because I won't support a one sided view.

    I think the down voting goes beyond the like or dislike of a particular person, but quite often people will ask self serving questions and of course their followers will posse up and support them by giving them the answers they are seeking. Someone else will come in and give a more reasonable answer and they get down voted because they didn't support the same view as the person asking the question.

    Recently I received a best answer vote from the person asking a question but because it went against someone's one sided views, I got 11 down votes. Of course the question was dealing with issues of race, and some people tend to be very biased in regard to such a sensitive topic.

    Even if the up vote or down vote feature isn't to be removed, I do believe it should be amended in a way where as it forces the person to state (without anonymity) the reason they disagree, but then again, some people would post a bogus answer if they're intent on down voting, but the feature alone would probably discourage a lot of unfair down voting.

  • I got downvoted a million times by people who don't like me cause of my political views and don't like me...LOL..who gives a sh*t

    • You are a little overboard sometimes, but that's YOUR opinion and YOUR preference, so who am I to down vote that? Which is why I don't down vote.

    • I am sure you have down voted me before, but like I said, I really don't give a f***

  • It's not a death sentence or a million bucks lottery win and it adds a little drama & excitement to the answers. So it doesn't bother me to get removed.

  • No. I like using to up vote legit answers (even if I don't agree with it). It also makes my day when I get a couple of up votes myself lol

  • Absolutely.

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