Does he like me more than just a 'fling'?

So I've been talking to this guy for about 2 weeks now.. we met on myspace and we hung out one night and ever since then it's been great..the first... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • Ok.First off, DONT HAVE SEX WITH HIM until you know for sure what he wants from you. I know its hard when the chemistry's there but you don't want to be intimate with this guy then him turn around and tell you he just wants to be friends. Secondly, if he's introducing you as his friend to his buddies it could mean two things: either he's into you but he's not sure if you really like him or he does just see you as a friend and just wants to fool around.(I know that sounds harsh) If he's romantic with you in private but acts like buddies in public then you need to talk it out with him before you go any further.And if he got jealous when you were talking to your guy friend then he probably does like you and sees you as his girl but at the same time guys can be very one sided and want the best of both worlds meaning he wants you to commit to him but not vise me been there done that! Just casually bring it up to him in a private place, and if you do start to date just make sure you don't talk to your GUY friends when he's around.Sorry to say but guys are jealous and chatting with another one in front of him will only mislead him.Put yourself in his shoes...hope that helped!