He cut off ALL contact with me!!! He's my best friend.

We've been best friends since 5 months. Saw each other everyday.. went out everyday for lunch and dinner. Knew each others secrets and weaknesses. Talked for hours on the phone, sometimes till 3-4 in the morning.

But suddenly one day he decides to start behaving rudely and starts ignoring me... I get upset, I cry, I confront him... He tells me it's because of college exam stress and says there's nothing wrong. So I leave him alone till the exams get over.

So exams over. He goes to his hometown. That was one week ago. No text. No call. He didn't say goodbye when he left.


Okay one thing I'd like to mention... may be it's relevant... I started seeing other guys, some of them his friends and he got really upset saying I shouldn't be getting so close to his friends.
We had a talk on 'relationships' some time back and he said he doesn't believe in girlfriends! he said they're just to show off to friends and to put an arm around at his age(18).. he'd rather have a special friend. So I don't know what he expected of me