Just the way he looks at me

makes me thinks he is into me in some way. It's just the look. He doesn't go out of his way to see me during the day or anything. He would never do that as we work together and he is the type that would never date anyone at work. But the way he looks at me. It just says it all. I can just feel it. Other guys I work with don't look at me like that. Is that possible? Maybe I could be wrong? Everyone tells me no he couldn't possibly be into you. He's gay, (not true) your older he's younger, etc etc etc...

It can never be cause of three things. One, we work together, two, he works with my nephew, three, I am married.
He doesn't do it all the time just when he first sees me for the day, when he is saying hello in the morning or if I haven't seen him all day when he is leaving for the day or somewhere.
I have tried to get past him cause of the whole situation. And I tell myself just don't look at him but it's kinda hard when I am the first person he sees every morning and it's my job. He makes it hard when he looks at me like that.


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  • I am almost in the same situation except the girl I like knows it and I'm not gay. But a look is a powerful thing. So I'm sure he likes you. Like always, he just might be scared, and is not sure what might happen. Everyone is afraid of rejection and that might be holding him back from doing anything else...Talk to him. Ask him. Tell him what you think.

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      Because I am married could that be why that is really the only indication he gives of liking me? He doesn't go out of his way to see me, or doesn't flirt with me other than just that look. And when he says hello to me in the morning with that look of his. He would never in a millon years admit that. I would never in a millon years admit to anyone that I find him attractive also, I would deny it.....But I think he knows.......

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      He has very high standards, he takes his job very seriously, that is not his style. He would never flirt like that. Probably cause I am married and we work together. So and this is just my thoughts but that is all he can do is look.

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      I think he may be a little afraid of the whole situation. I mean imagine if he was to tell my nephew he was into me. I could never see him doing that. I am married, there are lines you do not cross. They are good friends.