Lower Stomach V Shape!!!

Okay I have a question, why do some people have the V shape on the lower stomach and others don't? At first I thought maybe its because of less body fat, yet I have seen girls/guys who are thin who don't have it...so why is that, I'm just curious?


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  • If you bulk up your chest and tone down your stomach, you get the V-shape.

    Look at the difference between these two basketball players: Lebron James and Kobe Bryant:

    Lebron is pretty built, even though he's skinny. Kobe is more on the naturally toned side. and they just have two totally different work-outs, and their bodies develop differently.


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  • Its part of the abs. Your abs push out into the v and that's what makes it, its not about being skinny or fat casue its about strengh in the muscles.


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  • That V shape is a combination of the lower abdominal muscle and obliques being very toned.