How can you tell a guy is insecure in a relationship?

how can you tell a guy is insecure in a relationship


Most Helpful Guy

  • Insecure in what way? Like he's insecure about his appearance? Insecure about your loyalty for him? Insecure in his ways of pleasing you?

    A friend of mine has a poker face so despite having insecurities he's able to show people that he's confident or "cool" about it (even when he's really not).

    As for me, I don't like to bullsh*t my way through life so if I'm insecure about something I just tell the person upfront, because I'd rather be honest than fake it. Less drama that way. But I've been known to say these things in such a nonchalant way that it's like as if the issue is not even an issue to begin with. Like it's whatever for me lol.