Do guys like fat girls?

Or do they find them repulsive? I've been talking to a guy a lot recently and I am overweight so I can't tell if he's talking to me just to be nice or if he is really interested.


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  • Guys like women of all shapes and sizes Some guys like the projected media image type women and other men like women on the complete other side. The media will tell you that you have to be a certain way and have a certain look, but it's a bunch of bologna. The key issue is health. If you're unhealthy, overly skinny or seriously over weight, then there's a problem. But as long as you're healthy there will be a guy who will find you attractive. Be confident and be yourself and you can't go wrong.

    As for your guy, well I can't tell you exactly what he's thinking obviously. However, if you think he's a good guy and doesn't come off as a jerk, and he's showing signs he might be interested, then unless he's a jerk and leading you on, he most likely is interested in you to at least some degree.

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      YouTube "fat girl tinder date (social experiment)" from SimplePickup. It reveals the truth about how guys view fat girls as.