Do guys like fat girls?

Or do they find them repulsive? I've been talking to a guy a lot recently and I am overweight so I can't tell if he's talking to me just to be nice or if he is really interested.


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  • Guys like women of all shapes and sizes Some guys like the projected media image type women and other men like women on the complete other side. The media will tell you that you have to be a certain way and have a certain look, but it's a bunch of bologna. The key issue is health. If you're unhealthy, overly skinny or seriously over weight, then there's a problem. But as long as you're healthy there will be a guy who will find you attractive. Be confident and be yourself and you can't go wrong.

    As for your guy, well I can't tell you exactly what he's thinking obviously. However, if you think he's a good guy and doesn't come off as a jerk, and he's showing signs he might be interested, then unless he's a jerk and leading you on, he most likely is interested in you to at least some degree.

    • YouTube "fat girl tinder date (social experiment)" from SimplePickup. It reveals the truth about how guys view fat girls as.

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  • He might be really interested if he's talking to you. Just plain ask him what he thinks!

    I like fat girls, as long as she's reasonably healthy, and carries it well, it's all good! The "BBW" type of woman is very attractive to me.


  • idk but I loved fat girls since I was 4 I always liked the big girls but for some reason was never able to date one not because of who I am because of them being afraid of it being a bet because guys and girls out there believe that all girls need to be skinny I hate people who hate fat girls I'm skinny and is still I like big girls and not ashamed of it I told many I like all girls but just love big girls more

  • yes, guys do like fat girls. Nothing wrong with them. They are great people in their own right. No sense judging people on looks/size.

  • I my self like chubby, thick and fit woman, not out of control fat.

  • a little bigger can be a turn on to me.. like bigger boobs and bigger ass but too fat is definitely a turn off.

  • To be honest fat girls can by many means be beautiful... But that's my opinion... Us guys are all different...

    Some guys like anorexic models... while others like girls with large booties...

    Were all different, but if your really that concerned, you could just flat out ask him "do you think I'm attractive?"... but that depends on how well you know him...

    - If you know him well, it may result in giving him an opportunity to express his deep feelings

    - yet if you don't know him so well, you may end up making him awkward and maybe block him off more, making it even more difficult to ever find out if he likes you...

    all in all, Yes men can find over weight girls attractive, and I'm pree positive he sees you as beautiful in his eyes... :)


  • Generally speaking... no. Guys are dominantly attracted through visual contacts and because of the girls hotness... it triggers guys to check you out and more likely approaching. You see models of girls in the magazine that are considered hot and guess what? They are either mostly fit, lean, and skinny. This is an evidence and indication to show how beauty standards are portrayed in today's society. So if you are a fat girl you will either end up with a fat guy, an ugly guy, or a loser guy. You will never end up with a hot aesthetic athletic guy like you see in a magazine. If you do, he will 99% most likely going to deceive you.

  • fat girls suck d*** well .. that's it ..


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  • Some guys like fat girls... sometimes attraction has no explanation.

  • If you are fat don't lose weight, if a guy doesn't like you for who you are then forget them, find someone who likes you for you. That's what make you unique.

    Where I'm from guys are not interested in girls who is just bones. They like girls with body (not fat though) kinda thick, with a big booty, or breast

  • Ok it doesn't matter on your weight. My guys friends make fat comments all the time to other girls and I say hey i am a big girl, knock it off, and then they tell me that they don't see my weight cause my attitude and personality are awesome. So with that said, be yourself and the weight won't matter at all! My boyfriend is a skinny and he has never been with a big girl till me, and we said it doesn't make a difference and he loves me for me not my weight.

    Not all guys are like that tho but you shouldn't change for a guy. You are the weight you are for your own reasons and never, never let anyone judge you for it.

  • I couldn't resist this question because I was always trying to second guess guys' reasons for talking to me. If the guy is talking to you to be nice, why care maybe he doesn't want a relationship right now, if he is interested in a relationship, wow lucky you!

  • 95% of guys are repulsed by them. No guy wants to be seen with the fat chick, they feel they loose cool points and look ridiculous. Like they can't do better. Are you fat? Lose weight, maybe I'm sounding harsh but we live in a world where we are judged 90% on looks and 10% on personality, ESPECIALLY at our age. It's possible though for fat men to seek fat women because they are easier to score, see both can't do better so they find each other like magnets. Same goes for guys who are on the loser/dorky side. Can't get a "hot girl" so they settle for the fat girl or dorky/loser girl. Of course it's also easier for fat guys to get pretty girls just because guys have it easier so that's a variable.

    This changes when people get older and it's common to see fat women in their 40's and 50's getting some (finally) because really at that age everyone is deteriorating so who cares? Unless you live in Hollywood and can afford cosmetic surgery with Dr 90210 then you can continue being hot and sexy and dating other cosmetically enhanced hot sexy 40 year olds. Hell maybe a 25 year old will do you because the surgery is that amazing.

    You know the saying 'Fat girls are grateful for it'.

    • This answer was true. I used to be a pretty big girl and got no attn. Now I lost the weight and can't keep guys away. Even the same guys who didn't think I was good enough want to date me now. I'm the same girl but now I look better. It's about how you look

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    • Gingerxsnap I speak from experience. I used to be overweight, 200lbs and this was the story of my life during 19 years of my life. I lost weight and now things are a lot better. The truth hurts and I honestly don't care how much you people down rate me, because down rating me won't make things or the world change. Unfortunately we live in a society where looks dictates almost everything.

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