Why do guys mess with your emotions?

I went out with my friends with benefit two 1/2 months after he called and wanted to see me. We spent night together and week later went to vegas for a co-workers wedding. 3 weeks have passed we haven't spent any time together. He called me last thursday from work but had to go and told me to call him back on my break. I did and it went to voice mail. This week I asked him to go out for one drink. He text me back saying he was very busy. I text him back take care, bye. I stayed away thought he changed but he likes to mess with my emotions


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  • It sounds like you have some emotions invested in this friends with benefits guy. This can mean trouble. I don't think he thinks of you on that same level. I don't think he necessarily is messing with your mind...I think it's more of a situation where he's not as invested in this relationship as you are.


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  • Think about it, its a sex friend, usually this means he has someone else he would rather spend emotional time with, and has you only for sex, if he has no one else it means he only wants sex and nothing more. That's why if you have a friend with benefits you must be sure that you want no emotional feedback just sex.

  • LOL at this title...wow...Trust me, I see WAY more girls twisting guy's emotions around, then guy's messing with a girls.

    But back to the topic...It's called a friend with benefits...He probably doesn't feel the same way you do. Just because you like someone...Doesn't mean they feel the same way. And as a tip for the future...Human beings are MASTERS at the art of lying...


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  • You brought up the possibility of a relationship with you.. right now she is in the process of evaluating you and trying to see to your relationship with her, and how it will go.. right now try to impress her.. while being yourself... give her flowers or carry her books and slip a note in it or even compliment her. she's just thinking things out

  • He is a friend with benefits, what do you expect?

    He isn't your boyfriend, you are acting like he is dating you.