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A single red rose.

Guys, would you ever get your girl a red rose, just one, for no reason at all? Just to show that you love and care for her? Girls, what would you... Show More

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  • Other than on a special occasion, there were a few times I'd do something like that. One time I left a rose on the night stand when she (my ex, now) was sleeping because I woke up early to go get coffee, and when she woke up she was confused at first but smiling away afterward. I like surprise so I do things like this, lol. Creative-like, I guess.

What Guys Said 6

  • Yeah I used to always do that. At this store they sold single red roses and I would always buy one if we were close by. It's a simple memento to let the girl know she's on your mind.

  • We grow red roses and pink roses at our house. I sometimes used to give girls the prettiest ones.

  • I think that one "perfect" red rose is fine (not an old dried up one you got on the street for a dollar from some poor foreigner with no job). Giving more then one doesn't really show anything apart from that you want to show you are spending cash. One red rose is about the meaning. By giving a dozen you don't "increase" the meaning. But I had to adapt to my "target" and settled for a black rose instead.

    • LOL yea give her a dried up and dead rose! =}

    • Black roses do exist. I think they were rather more expensive, but that was a long time ago...

  • i did it for my first gf, on our first date, we broke up the next day, it means wayyy too much

    since red rose, means "love"

    • Lol oops! I should have said that it would be in a long relationship..

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    • If he really cared, he would try to save the relationship! I guess he just wanted a girl as an 'accessory', not as a girl to love.

    • A lot of guys will use a girl only to show that he's able to get a girl nobody thinks he can get. it sounds like he may be one of those guys. thank god I'm not

  • yeah I did that b4. but like even though it wasnt a real rose or anything she still loved it because it was completely random of me and she didn't really think that I would do something like that for her so soon so she was surprised and she loved it.

What Girls Said 3

  • any girl who got a rose would be over the moon even if they didn't like the guy particly its just sooo sweet

  • i think that's very cute! and I would be very happy!

  • I think that would be so sweet if that happened to me. It's a simple gesture, but a red rose has such a beautiful and powerful meaning behind it. I would think it would be very romantic. Sometimes I daydream about receiving one. I'm sure there are guys still like that out there somewhere. At least, that's what I want to think. ^-^

    • There are =)

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