Why do men like to call women all these sweet nicknames?

I have no problem if someone I like call me with sweet nicknames, but I start to feel annoyed by men calling me sweet nicknames when I just know them or when I don't even know them at all. I often get called sweetie, sweetheart, babe, baby, hon, and even buttercup. This guy who I recently meet keeps calling me sweetheart, sweetie, and baby since our first phone call. And this other one called me hon out of nowhere. I mean, I can deal with sweetie and even sweetheart, but isn't baby and hon a bit too much when I don't even really know them that well? I personally would not want my partner to go around and call others sweetheart, baby, or hon unless they are talking to kids. Is that something men do as a habit?


Most Helpful Guy

  • They may be trying to hit on you in a somewhat passive/aggressive way. Don't read too much into it and just say, I'm not interested or I have a boyfriend.