Do I have a big nose? :(

i tried the reality thing and it 's only about dating stuff so don't delete my post! my question is easy tho , I'm having serious 'self-esteem- problems because of this issue.. I know it's big , but is THAT MUCH big ? do I need surgery ? I keep having nightmares that no one will like my look!


actually I lied fools :D it ain't my pic .. is of a girl I really hate and I just wanna hear from you guys that she is FUGLY! ain't she !


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  • Hey you look great, seriously =]

    I have a friend with similar looks to yours and she is very confident about herself - that's why

    none of us in the class or her boyfriend saw any 'imperfections', because there aren't any.

    But if you focus on your nose and constantly remind yourself that it is big than you start

    to believe in it and worst -others will believe too.

    If you would just post your photo without

    mentioning your nose than I wouldn't know what is the problem. Maybe next time when you

    look in the mirror try to focus on the parts you like and not dislike =D


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  • You're cute :)

    Your nose is absolutely fine.

  • I think you look good

    • Re update: ok then your friend looks good .....and she has big boobs

    • Wtf are you insane she doesn't look good! plus she tall as hell , she is 5'10"!!!

  • you are your own worst critic... don't be so self-conscious. You're pretty and your nose is fine

  • that's cruel, how would you like it if someone did something like that about you. there is nothing wrong with her at all. she is a person who has feelings and will be probably feel very hurt knowing someone like you did this. you should feel ashamed.

  • You shouldn't be so hard on yourself kid!

  • Nô, that is a beautIful nose and if that is someone else then I think you may just be jealous of her. And you are a malicious and Cold-hearted person as well as jealous. I hope that you havé a horrible nonexistant snub nose, because nô beautiful aquiline featured person could ever be as cruel as you.

    Btw I havé a less pronounced aquiline n'ose and I would not trade it for thé world.

  • Didn't you ask this already?


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  • Okay that girl isn't ugly at all and her nose is perfectly fine. You really need to grow up I mean really that's extremely immature and insensitive to do that, and your waisting peoples time that were nice enough to answer the question and give tips about self confidence and all, so please grow up.

    • No I think she has a huge nose!

    • Ya and your entitled to your own opinion, but really your not going to gain anything from posting a picture of her and trying to get people to say she is ugly, and maybe you have a good reason to hate her, and maybe she is a b*tch, but doing stuff like this will only bring you down to that level.

  • Not sure if we're the fools here...your lie backfired because she's a very pretty girl and you didn't get the responses I guess you were after.

    I mean no offense by this but I hope you find better things to do with your time. People who act this way are failures in life but I'd guess you're also lying about your age and you are still a teenager.

  • Calling her ugly, won't make you look better.

    I think she is very pretty.

  • Whoaa first of all, hate posts are just cruel. Second, she's actually pretty, her nose isn't big, and she's neither fat or ugly. Why do you hate her anyway?

  • Well, there is nothing wrong her nose..

  • Well I got a big nose just like hers. They are actually attractive (I think)

    But most of the guys where I am like girls like me. By the way I am. She

    looks better than me. (kind of) People who talk about girls are just jealous.

    So don't make a fool out of yourself. Or elce they'll do it too, she's very

    beautiful to. :) Question; why do you hate her? .. just because she has a

    big nose doesn't mean you have to hate her. Maybe there is something

    wrong with you too.=)

  • Firstly, that's not a pic of a girl you hate. you just said that because you think people are too nice to say what they really think. your very insecure and you just need to be confident about the way you look. you are pretty and your nose is not bad at all. stop focusing on your flaws and focus on the features that you do like.