Do I have a big nose? :(

i tried the reality thing and it 's only about dating stuff so don't delete my post! my question is easy tho , I'm having serious 'self-esteem- problems because of this issue.. I know it's big , but is THAT MUCH big ? do I need surgery ? I keep having nightmares that no one will like my look!


actually I lied fools :D it ain't my pic .. is of a girl I really hate and I just wanna hear from you guys that she is FUGLY! ain't she !


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hey you look great, seriously =]

    I have a friend with similar looks to yours and she is very confident about herself - that's why

    none of us in the class or her boyfriend saw any 'imperfections', because there aren't any.

    But if you focus on your nose and constantly remind yourself that it is big than you start

    to believe in it and worst -others will believe too.

    If you would just post your photo without

    mentioning your nose than I wouldn't know what is the problem. Maybe next time when you

    look in the mirror try to focus on the parts you like and not dislike =D