Do guys really like curvy girls better than really uber skinny girls?

I am UBER curvy, my guy friend are all saying its a GREAT thing. I used to be uber skinny, and then I got bigger body parts. :D I really just want to know if it's okay that I'm uber curvy now. I'm definitely not fat. Or even close to it. I'm just not a stick anymore. Also I'm rather short so I'm... Show More

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  • The answer to this is you cannot lump all guys into a category. Some guys like very thin girls, some like very thick girls. A lot of guys like a range of figures. Same with height. I know some guys that love very tall girls because they like dating girls that look like models and they don't care that the girl is taller than them. Many guys prefer a girl slightly shorter than them. And add to that some guys are bigger on the face than the body or the body than the face, some really focus on a certain body part such as breasts or the butt.

    In the end our looks are just a starting point of attraction and for the most part we cannot change our looks though I am guessing you are wondering if you should lose weight or not. But, you have to decide what you like, what works for you and really enjoy your own specific look and rock it! Oh, also if you are asking this question as a way of wondering how to attract guys, a little secret is that you could be the most beautiful shapely gal around but if you are uncomfortable with making eye contact, smiling and talking to guys, you won't get the guy. I personally have noticed that approachability is just as important if not more than any certain look.