How do I pick up a random guy? Please help!!

If I was out walking my dog or skateboarding and I saw a random hot guy whom I've never met hanging with his friends or practicing a sport or something, how would I get him to like me?

How would I flirt with him? How would I get him to give me his number? How would I get him to make out with me? Etc.

P.s. I don't want to be a slut but I want to be attractive! And what would I wear and act like? And this is to pick up a teenage guy!

Thank you


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  • Young guys don't have the skill set to approach and just start talking. The best I think you can do is co-locate with guys and hang in there till a friendship happen-stances. You may even have to take up a guy thing like basketball in order to co-locate. So, find a court, golf-coarse, bar where nice looking guys frequent. Then visit it at the appropriate time and shoot around till you get asked to play. I know when I was a kid I loved it when a girl played with us like one of the guys. Even if she stunk we handicapped her for heart and effort. If ya get swatted keep playing. If ya get knocked down just get up.

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      What is co locate

      and I want an answer to my question

      how would I get a random hot guy to come up to me so we could have fun and make out or get numbers or something

      and why would a young teen be at a bar

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      Ok, just walk by and say hi. Anyone would be a jerk to respond negatively to that. Smile, and give him some kinda interested yet shy eyes. If he rejects you then he's a jerk. This may take several attempts over several days. Then, when you can, boldly ask for an email address or phone # to text. In the texts ask questions:Fav show, sport, channel, family members, foods, goals, dreams. Look for things to compliment: height, looks, hair, show size, etc. Script it if you need to before you go.

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      Thankyou that helps a lot