Eating Raw Eggs, Advantages vs. Disadvantages

I'm 5'7'' and 130 lbs. I'm trying to get the body shape like the guys on the movie "Never Back Down" and like Taylor Lautner in "New Moon". I do work out and I've been hearing about Raw Eggs helping with protein and muscle gain, but I have also heard that you can get salmonella. So I was just wondering if I should or shouldn't take raw eggs.

Do the advantages outweigh the risks?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Its awesome to hear that you like to keep in shape and that you are looking to continue working out. To answer you question yes, eating raw eggs is very good for you and even better if you are looking to gain more muscle with workout routine. Raw eggs help to build the most anabolic environment possible inside the body, eggs contain the most complete protein available to us. The health benefits outweigh the salmonella risk by a longshot, there are many health benefits of eating raw eggs, while the risk of salmonella poisoning is somewhere around .003% or something like that of all eggs. But to eat raw eggs you do need to have somewhat of a strong stomach, because it is a rather odd thing to do in itself. Saying that, if you can manage to eat them, the results will great.