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Sit on his lap?

So my boyfriend is quite skinny. I'm probably like 5 pounds heavier than he is or something like that. So we were hanging out in our group of friends and a few of us were seated in chairs. My boyfriend jokingly sat on my lap because I was already sitting. Then he was like " here hun get up so I can sit and you can sit on my lap". I started laughing, I was gonna break his legs most likely. So I said I was fine with him sitting on me. It really bugged him that i would not sit on him. Its not that I didn't want to, its just I didn't want to be too heavy. He asked me about it later and I told him I would have squished him and he said I was being ridiculous. was i?

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  • unless he scream in pain when you sit on him, you are ok humor him and if he doesn like it, he will tell you or suck it up

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  • I don't think you were, but friends of mine quite larger than me (100lbs heavier) have sat on my lap briefly and it does little more than make your legs go numb after a while. You wouldn't have hurt him I don't think, so try it sometime unless you aren't comfortable with it.. If you aren't comfortable with it in general - besides the legs issue, then tell him that.