Lightheaded, dizzy, headache are they symptoms of UTI?

So I have been dizzy, fatigued, weak, have headaches and lightheaded for past 4 days. I went to the hospital today and the doctor said I have UTI, urinary infection, he prescribed me with cipro this common? do UTI's cause such symptoms? I haven't taken the antibiotics yet I start tomorrow please help


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  • I wouldn't say so. Usually with an UTI you'd have a high temperature, sore stomach, feel like you're p*ssing fire and be in a filthy mood. Trust me, my kidneys blew up last year after a ton of UTI's. (Thank you very much field ops, I know you lads turn the night vision on when I go for a pee in the woods at night, why'd you think I held it in? lol)

    Sounds more like you need to have a good feed, make sure you're getting enough iron. A good blue steak and chips would probably sort you out girl!

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      Thanks so much!