How much weight can I lose eating 800 calories a day?

I eat two microwave dinners (700 calories)

And 10 teaspoons of benefibre (100 calories)

I'm 5"3 weight 174 pounds, am at 50% bodyfat. 23 years old. and can go 48 hours without food and not feel hungry.

If you weighed me with no fat on my body I'd be 80 pounds.


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  • I can't believe you count the calories in benefibre, this should only be used to top up your fibre intake not be it entirely.

    Also you know that 800 calories is not enough, 1200 should be about the least amount you intake. What your doing is not healthy or nutritious, your get run down, your gums will suffer badly, face will probably become spotty and as for internal damage who knows.

    Why don't you up you calorie intake a bit by adding some vegetables and fruit, you'll probably find by eating a bit more you'll actually lose more weight & fat because your body won't be in starvation mode like it is now.

    Try 4-6 smaller meals a day to keep your systems going and stave off hunger. Protein is filling and keeps hunger at bay for longer so up this along with fruit & veg.

    This is what I am currently doing but I am getting lots of protein, fruit & veg inside me

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      My two microwave dinners consist of 40 grams of protein. Which is all that I need at 50% bodyfat...I also have all the grain that I need in one day... but your right at the benefibre... since it's waste anyway, the calories in benefibre don't mater. Thanks for pointing that out.

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      Right, and how much salt is in these products? And fruit & veg? None I guess otherwise you wouldn't need the benefibe. I take two of these a day, like I said too add to my fiber intake not to be all of it. Natural is better where possible.