What is your best revenge after being dumped?

What do for yourself after being dump? Improvements

Did your ex miss you? lol

How did it make you a better person?

Share your experiences.


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  • I haven't been dumped myself in the strictest sense seeing as I have never had a girlfriend; I have been rejected innumerable times. That said, the best revenge is to live well, to succeed and to accomplish your goals/dreams. The moment you give these people any of your time/energy they win- the way to attain revenge is to not waste said energy on them; this demonstrates that they are so meaningless and ignominious that they can't even warrant a second of your thought and are reduced to nothing.

    In time they more than likely will realize their folly in which case instead of wasting your time on them you've moved onward and upward to better things-things they were not good enough to be there with you for.

    • Damn, this was deep! LOL

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    • We think alike. One difference I can see is that you can vocalize your thoughts much better than I can. Great answer man

    • Thanks Brando- I appreciate your sentiment; as regards this way of thinking; it took me a very long time to get to this "higher level" as I had wasted to much time and energy on petty vendettas and allowing others who are immature to upset me or undermine my confidence. But I'm here now and in esteemed company too.

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  • Being so kind he regrets dumping you. (6)

  • Not really a fan of revenge unless she really deserved it, I've only had revenge sex once and didn't really do much for me(I mean the sex was good but it didn't help me get over her etc)

    I'd wonder why we broke up through logic probably won't find the answer, get a headache. Spend some time sulking, then hang out with my friends a lot, complain a bit to them and they'd start badmouthing her till I feel better about being single. I'm usually over her once I find a new love interest.

    I've had an ex that wanted to get back together the day after we broke up, I wasn't up for it.

    It gave me more relationship wisdom and makes me realize time after time that finding "the one" isn't easy.

  • The best revenge after being hurt by a bad breakup is to move on and find happiness with someone else. Moving on and putting it all behind you is the only thing you can do without looking like an immature little bitch who is no better than the prick who mistreated you. On top of that, it shows them that they have absolutely no power and control over you, which hurts a lot if they ever really cared.


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  • Like burninghammer said, living well is the best revenge. Just live for YOURSELF. Try not to think about your ex, & what he is thinking. Do things because YOU want to do them, not to get a rise out of your ex, because the truth is they probably don't even care.

    There is no point in any kind of spiteful revenge. It will just reassure your ex that you two shouldn't be together, and/or make you look immature. I think, as long as the break up wasn't totally horrible, then just be polite to your ex. You don't have to be friends, but you can be friendly. I think that's always the best thing to do.

  • Um no ` s ever dumped me but here are some ideas I` ve seen around

    Smile at him, speak to him normally but also keep your distance

    Go out with friends, eat ice cream :P, munch on junk food :P actually don` t if you don` t wanna add on pounds

    Just prove you` re better than he thinks you are by being nice and sweet

  • I've never been told by an ex boyfriend they're breaking up with me, but when I'm dating someone they'll just stop calling. I believe in Karma, so if I do something bad to them then maybe the next relationship I have something bad will happen to me. I get over it by eating a lot of chocolate, going shopping, to the beach, and to the casino. lol :) that's me alittle self destructive but eventually I pick myself back up and tell myself that they're missing out on the best thing they ever had, and move on in my career, and dating life again.

  • I want to be nice and say something sweet like "just be happy and move on", but f*** that :P You all know it would be funny as hell to slip tobasco sauce in your ex's drink and then seeing the look of horror on his face when he drinks it. Well it was in my experience anyway, but maybe I'm just mean...

  • i don't get revenge. there's no point. I get over his instead