What is your best revenge after being dumped?

What do for yourself after being dump? Improvements

Did your ex miss you? lol

How did it make you a better person?

Share your experiences.


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  • I haven't been dumped myself in the strictest sense seeing as I have never had a girlfriend; I have been rejected innumerable times. That said, the best revenge is to live well, to succeed and to accomplish your goals/dreams. The moment you give these people any of your time/energy they win- the way to attain revenge is to not waste said energy on them; this demonstrates that they are so meaningless and ignominious that they can't even warrant a second of your thought and are reduced to nothing.

    In time they more than likely will realize their folly in which case instead of wasting your time on them you've moved onward and upward to better things-things they were not good enough to be there with you for.

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      Damn, this was deep! LOL

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      We think alike. One difference I can see is that you can vocalize your thoughts much better than I can. Great answer man

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      Thanks Brando- I appreciate your sentiment; as regards this way of thinking; it took me a very long time to get to this "higher level" as I had wasted to much time and energy on petty vendettas and allowing others who are immature to upset me or undermine my confidence. But I'm here now and in esteemed company too.