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Curvy vs. Overweight?

Hi guys and girls. Could someone please show me some pictures of what you consider curvy and what you consider overweight. I'm not sure what I am.... Show More

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What Guys Said 3

  • 15 lbs heavier than scarlett? you're fine.

  • i love both

  • Curvy has nothing to do with weight! Omg am I sick of fat girls describing themselves as curvy. Curvy has to do with the shape of your body. You can be thin and curvy, just like you can be fat and not curvy. I f*cking hate euphemisms.

    • Thank you so much for this! I used to a fat girl and would never claim to be curvy, now that I am thin and I am actually curvy, I am afraid to describe myself as such because I don't want people to think I am fat. Waist smaller than your hips and boobs= curvy. It has nothing to do with weight!

    • I'm glad someone gets it! :D

What Girls Said 6

  • Its all relative fortunately. So one person may see you as overweight, another may see you as perfect while another may think you're too skinny.Personally I don't think that it would make a difference.

  • Obviously you have not seen Jennifer Hudson lately because she lost weight.

    • Agreed, she looks awesome and she is def curvy

  • curvy = hourglass shape (regardless of weight)

  • if you have big boobs and a big but and if your waist is smaller than your but, you are curvy. This means you could be skinny and curvy, or fat and curvy..

  • Scarlett Johansson is a nice hourglass shape imo(I'm also an hourglass but shorter)...Since she's an hourglass,15 lbs might not be too much for her,might add an extra inch to her hips bust and waist.But if you're happy why ask this?I mean,to be honest,when it comes to curvy and overweight it is extremely subjective.Everyone has a different opinion.To some,Kim Kardashian is overweight,to some she is underweight(they'd rather she gain more) to some Megan Fox is curvy,to others she's underweight.Just depends

    • Thanks for the answer, I am asking this out of pure curiosity. I mean, I think I am curvy, but I am not as thin as Scarlett. But It's more of a "where does it cross the lines" and what are you suppose to call the women in between, kind of question

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