Skinny girls or thick girls? (guys only)

i just want to know cause every guy I know says they are love with skinny girls so that mean I have never met a guy that loves thick girls...i know this is random lol


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  • Well I deffinitly am very attracted to thick girls, I actually find any weight on any girl attractive that can carry their weight. It would have been better if you put up an example pic of what you mean by 'thick' though, a lot of people seem to have different definitions of what they consider thick. Iv heard people refer to my taste in women as being a chubby chaser lol. Personally I don't consider my taste to be girls who are that big.

    • Alot of overweight girls call themselves thick....

    • I don't really believe in the BMI system for classifying obesity, I am almost boarderline obese according to BMI. If the girl looks good at the weight she is than I don't have a problem

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  • Skinny but not so skinny...

  • Both.

  • If by thick you mean fat, then I'd go with skinny.

  • Skinny girls are just way more attractive to some guys, their our guys out their that like BTW but not me. Also their are way more cutie clothing for skinny girls.

  • Skinny


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  • I know you said guys only, but think about it this way: The first responses that you'll probably get if you ask a guy what their favorite features on girls are, will be butt and boobs. Thicker girls have bigger butts and bigger boobs.

    • You know I ain't even think about that lol...damn

    • Haha... But it's so true.

    • Nope. I prefer a girls face.

  • Clearly skinny girls

    • I like how I get thumbed down for not saying thick.Nice,fat people attack

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    • Well your getting a thumbs down for being rude about it, regardless of your opinion on the matter. It's fine that you think skinny girls are the most attractive, but you don't have to dog on everyone who's not a size 2 for feeling that they are attractive too. Clearly the question asker did not specify her definitions, so understand that is the issue at hand, not skinny, curvy, thick or fat.

    • LOL

      Fat people who bring up the size 2 argument

  • my cousins thick and she gets some of the HOTTEST freakin guys iv ever seen

  • I asked my boyfriend and he said thick girls because they're just sexier. I asked him to explain and.. nada. haaaha I'm jjust average.. oh well

  • All of my thick friends have boyfriends. None of the skinny ones do. (Including me...) It's obvious most guys prefer thick, or curvy girls rather than skinny. Whereas, a few years ago I remember thin being in... Now it's different.

    I'm actually jealous.. My best friend is 5'5, 150 and she has the best body ever. Her weight is perfectly distributed and she has the best curves. My guy friends told my other friend they'd choose her over this other girl (a thinner girl) anyday.

    Kinda makes me want to gain weight.. then I say f*** it, I'm not changing for anyone! haha.

    • Where ever you live...I need to move there...because where I'm from...skinny is the preference :/