Skinny girls or thick girls? (guys only)

i just want to know cause every guy I know says they are love with skinny girls so that mean I have never met a guy that loves thick girls...i know this is random lol

Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I deffinitly am very attracted to thick girls, I actually find any weight on any girl attractive that can carry their weight. It would have been better if you put up an example pic of what you mean by 'thick' though, a lot of people seem to have different definitions of what they consider thick. Iv heard people refer to my taste in women as being a chubby chaser lol. Personally I don't consider my taste to be girls who are that big.

    • Alot of overweight girls call themselves thick....

    • I don't really believe in the BMI system for classifying obesity, I am almost boarderline obese according to BMI. If the girl looks good at the weight she is than I don't have a problem