Girls tongue piercings?

do you like a girl with her tongue pierced?

  • Yes very much
    13% (2)14% (1)14% (3)Vote
  • Yeah but for only one reason (wink wink)
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  • No not at all, kinda bugs me and it a turn off
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  • Dont care
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im shocked my everyone answers! but I'm glad I'm getting this information before I decide to go though with piercing my tongue.keep it coming guys I like to know what you think


Most Helpful Girl

  • what? I have my tongue piered and my man like it. I think :D lol

    • I know I have been shocked by the answers because I have been talking to my boyfriend about getting it done and he can't wait

    • Well, I got it done when I was 14. I'm 19 now and I met him when it was pierced and sometimes I take it off if I'm going to do that. but he likes it either way. it really doesn't enchance anything. he tells me he can't feel it. ;-(

What Guys Said 5

  • I've never much cared for tongue piercings. Some people have an annoying habit of tapping the piercing on their teeth either on purpose or accident. Also it's like they have something in their mouth they didn't finish eating when they talk.

  • nope - it makes me imagine the stud getting stuck between her teeth: ouch!

    • Her teeth? damn, she must have a huge gap, that ain't sexy, lol ;-)

    • Heh I saw a cartoon to that effect once - stuck in my mind

  • When I see a woman with her tongue pierced it gives the impression that she is loose or very sexual. I hate to sound snobby, but to me it projects a lack of class. While from a strictly sexual perspective I think it's hot. Catch 22? Yep.

  • I think I am very scared when I see the body pierced.I even make it a point not to hold ma girls ears cos I think it might hurt cos of her pierce.So I i would fine it very hard to french kiss you if you have ur tongue pierced.OMG,i just don't know how I would cope with ma girl with a ring on her tongue.LOS

  • personally I don't. Because I don't find piercing attractive and I would worry if I would hurt her in kissing.


What Girls Said 6

  • My older sister got her tongue pierced, and it didn't take long for her whole tongue to become swollen and sore. Her tongue never really showed signs of healing. It was totally gross and she eventually had to get rid of the piercing.

    I think a small piercing on the lip or nose looks much better on girls. Tongue piercings are just obnoxious.

  • my cousin tried getting hers pierced- it bled for hours, she ended up having to take it out. Whenever I see a girl with her tongue pierced it makes me think of that story and grosses me out. Seems so painful!

    • Thats because the needle (that it was pierced with) didn't go though the center. my ex used to pierced and I learned a lot from kicking it with him at the tat/piercing place ;-)

  • I don't get why girls get theeir tongue pierced, I would rather have a belly one.

  • I don't just like it. Its a turn off as my friends always said

  • I used to think that this would be a total turn off for guys and I noticed that One guy once liked it on a girl