Girls tongue piercings?

do you like a girl with her tongue pierced?

  • Vote A Yes very much
  • Vote B Yeah but for only one reason (wink wink)
  • Vote C No not at all, kinda bugs me and it a turn off
  • Vote D Dont care
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im shocked my everyone answers! but I'm glad I'm getting this information before I decide to go though with piercing my tongue.keep it coming guys I like to know what you think


Most Helpful Girl

  • what? I have my tongue piered and my man like it. I think :D lol

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      I know I have been shocked by the answers because I have been talking to my boyfriend about getting it done and he can't wait

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      Well, I got it done when I was 14. I'm 19 now and I met him when it was pierced and sometimes I take it off if I'm going to do that. but he likes it either way. it really doesn't enchance anything. he tells me he can't feel it. ;-(