What do skinny ladies, girl, women look for in a Man?

Sometimes I feel like girls try to reflect what they want in a man in themselves. For example, woman wear extremely nice shoes all the time, things they think look cute. Does it impress guys? Not really unless they have a foot fetish or something. :-) But it seems that girls will look at a guys shoes pretty quickly as a sign of some kind of importance.

Girls groom themselves all the time. Especially if they are going outside at any time! Also, girls who do that, seem like they also want a guy to be VERY WELL GROOMED.

What I am saying is, girls reflect within themselves what they want their guy to do.

I had an ex once that actually would tell me what types of things she wanted for her birthday, or to go out and do or as gifts. What ended up happening is she would GIVE ME GIFTS of those things, and take me out for my birthday the places she wanted to go.

So, with skinny ladies. Many skinny ladies work out very much! Is this a sign that the guy they want is someone who REALLY takes care of their body? It seems like really thin girls will either find themselves with a VERY muscular guy or a very thin guy. Maybe girls that are skinny are repulsed by fat, so they can't see fat on their man as well as on their self?

So, a very skinny girl, has to take a lot of time to plan meals, work out and make sure not to snack too much. It takes a large amount of effort focus and control. Are these things they would also find NEEDED in their man of choice?

So, basically, my question is...are there things a skinny girl will look for in a guy? Are there things they NEED in a guy.

If anyone talks about love or personality...that will just make me angry! I realize personality is what gets people together! I want to know, what types of things a skinny girl looks for in a guy so that I can "get my foot in the door" and share my personality with her.

I like skinny girls, and I would like skinny girls to like me! Where do I start! What do I do?

thanks everyone!

Please, take my question seriously, because I am VERY serious about it!Wht

Also, if you could ladies, please tell the name of a model or an actor that you think has a body or look that you find attractive! This will really help!

Also, if you could tell us how thin you are and how you stay that way, it would help to!
To be more to the point, would there be anything that a Skinny girl would be more likely to look for in a guy than any other girl?

Also, as a side question, do these really skinny and pretty girls end up with a guy that makes them happy forever?
Please try not to consider me shallow. I am not trying to find skinny girls for popularity or status or anything. I really only find skinny or petite girls attractive. I am not shallow and trying to get the best. Just the only thing I like.
I seriously believe that skinny woman have MANY MORE guys going after them. Come on, you KNOW it is true! "Thin is in"So, unless there is a golden rule for any specific type of person, it sounds like the answer is girls choose their guy randomly.
ALSO GUYS WITH SKINNY GIRLFRIENDS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CHIME IN! Maybe just describe yourself and any extra battles or special things you did to get that girl.



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  • The number one reason romantic relationships fail is not lack of love, but lack of friendship. If a relationship starts with friendship, then love develops on top of that, with a little lust throughout, then it's MUCH more likely to work out. So by looking for girls who will initially consider you for a romantic relationship, rather that ones just happy to simply befriend you, you are going the wrong way. Sure, they need to find you attractive, but that's not so important. If I met a guy, of average attractiveness (not ugly yet not hot either) and got to know him, and liked his personality (I know you said not to mention that :P) I would probably fall for his personality, then stop caring that he looked average as opposed to hot. So yea. Meet girls in social stuations (clubs, social events, etc) rather than clubs and pubs where there are likely to be more players/one-night-stand-seekers, and substantially less peeple looking for committed relationships. Get to know them as friends first, then they'll fall for your personality that way. You sound like a nice guy who deserves a good relationship, so I hope things go well for you :)

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      Thank you VERY MUCH for your kindness!

      :-) :-) :-) :-)

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      My mom and dad first met at a bar and kept meeting up at the same bar for a month before they even started dating, still married 26 years later lol. All my friends and family members feel the same way too.

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      Lol, good to hear :)