Will skinny guys get with girls who are bigger than them?

i like skinny guys but I probably look around 14pounds or more bigger than them does this matter or do they want girls skinnier than them or the same?

maybe more than 14lbs 20 being the most


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  • I'm not sure you'd call me skinny. I'm kind of bony but more average build. I personally have no problems with a woman who is heavier than I am. I've been attracted to a lot of women who were bigger than I was by more than 20 lbs.

    One thing you have to remember though is that weight is different between men and women. A guy who is 5'6" will have a weight around 130-150 or so, but a woman the same height will normally weigh less. For what difference it makes.

    I honestly don't let weight play an issue. I'm simply attracted to the person or I'm not. Weight only matters if she's over like 300lbs or something where she's just too over weight. Or if she's like really skinny and a skeleton. Generally you'd have to say she is healthy. I don't buy into the whole media idea of the size 0 being the only thing that's attractive. In fact it makes me very annoyed because several women are labeled as fat when they ARE NOT!

    Just be yourself and don't think about the weight and you will find a guy you like who likes you too.

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      I mean look bigger more than weigh more

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      That doesn't matter either. Curves, voluptuous, etc. All good. Same thing as above. It wouldn't stop me from asking her out or anything.