Why does my head hurt so bad every time I stand up?

Every time I stand up my head spins so bad and the pain is excruciating literally


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  • Have you been eating good and getting enough sleep? Are you on any medications? All of these could be factors in why you aren't feeling well. I know if I haven't had much to eat and haven't been getting enough sleep I can get bad head spins. Although, I would still talk to a doctor.

    • tha answer is no and no, yeah I`m on meds for the pain

    • Doctor for sure then.

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  • go to a doctor before you die on us. I would be sad if that happened.

    • Haha why?b/c we can`t drink vodka no more together XP LOL

    • yeah, I like sharing with you, don't die. that avatar you have is funny too.

    • Lol it is eh :P

      Well fate`s fate lol :P

  • Change in blood pressure?

    Low ceiling?

    • Lol nah its not a low celing and I aren`t that tall either.

  • you just need proper diet I think, it is happened to me when I don't eat my meal properly

    • Yeah I really do need to eat better

  • Could have labyrythitis. Google it.


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  • low blood pressure

  • You should see a doctor for that. O_O

    • I'm with her. See a doc.

    • Thanks I would but my mother says it`s because I`ve got a temp ao that's why I`m getting these headaches

    • Yeah, I get headaches and headrushes like that when I'm sick too. It should pass.