I cut myself shaving and now it won't stop bleeding?

Okay so I was shaving this morning and I nicked myself on my leg. and now it won't stop bleeding. I have a bandaid on it, but it's located where the top of my leg meets the bottom of my butt, so the bandaid feels really weird.

how can I stop the bleeding, Because if I bleed there it will be embarrassing seeing as I'm a girl..


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  • No reason at all to be embarassed about a bit of blood.

    Try alum: link

    Men use it after a (wet) shave. It looks like a stone or a crystal and works as a vaso constrictant. In Europe one can find it in the shops but don't ask me if and where it's sold in the USA.

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      well being a girl it might not look like I just nicked my leg, if ya know what I mean.. lol.

      thanks for your advice :-)

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      It shouldn't embarass you.

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      okay, I know, but it does. only if blood shows where it's not supposed to it does. being a woman, with woman problems during that time of the month, does not bother me.