How can I get a gap between my thighs?

What can I do? I'm working on losing weight and not having track running legs but what else can I do? I really want a gap


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  • a gap meaning that you don't want your thighs to touch?hmm... It's honestly a hard thing to achieve if you naturally have thick thighs. I didn't even achieved that when I played soccer for a couple years; the gap came about when I got reaaally sick and couldn't eat anything and therefore lost a bunch of weight, but I wouldn't suggest not eating. I would suggest keep running, try yoga/pilates, and increase your intake of protein and fiber (so white meat like chicken, fish, salmon; beans, wheat bread, veggies and fruits for your fiber. You could also throw in some yogurt to regulate your digestive system...haha gross, I know. Hope that helps.

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  • Unfortunately for you the gap you speak of is a product of bone structure more than it is fat or muscle content. Many girls could lose every ounce of fat and muscle on their bodies and still never get it for this reason. And since that's something you can't change about yourself, your only real solution is to learn to love yourself the way you are.

  • you have a pretty crabby attitude and if you are that ultra sensitive then you shouldn't ask questions because people are going to give you their raw blunt opinion sometimes and people are gonna joke sometimes. deal with it.

    having said that I am gonna answer it exactly how I want now. personally I would notice the track legs any day of the week over the gap thing you speak of. in fact there is nothing hotter to me. but if you want to look like those coke head looking girls then you simply do what those girls do: skip most of your meals, take diet pills, don't workout, look and feel like $#!T with no curves. follow those easy steps and your "gap" will be here soon. good luck.


    track legs. yummmm.

    • I agree... women with well developed legs are amazing looking.

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    • Bit harsh really isn't it! I'm a coke head and I don't have a hap between my thighs, I don't look like one of these naturally skinny girls, I eat very few of my meals, I take diet pills, don't work and don't feel good about myself. FU

    • ...lmao...

  • For weightloss you need to eat fruits/veggies and do some kind of muscle training. Results are not instant. Muscle burns fat. But if you're already 116, I seriously would stop and think about what you're doing to yourself.

    And please, stop being a drama queen.

  • What exactly is closing this "gap"that you want? And what do you even mean by "gap?" If you sloe your legs together you don't want your thighs to touch? I don't think that is even possible. And I know I could never make it happen for myself because I'm all muscle there and they are just too large from the things I do on a daily basis.

    • Do what you want... but ask yourself why you care so much about this "gap" as you call it. Well adjusted men don't want women that care about crap like that. If we want anything at all, it's like the guy below me said: well developed legs similar to what you see in that video.

  • Walk like a penguin!

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  • I was born with it but my girls exercise for it.

    Try lunges & jump roping.

  • hey don't let them get you down, u'll get a gap ! just go on a diet, cause no matter how long you run if you keep eating loads of junk food you won't be able to burn enough calories. and yeah running is the best option, works for me ! by the way this has nothing to do with genetics you just need to loose some weight :)

    good luck

  • It depends on your genetics.

    I've seen girls on the thicker side still have the gap just because that's how they're bodies are - bones, fat, etc,.

    But everyone can have the gap when they're thin. I don't recommend being too obsessed with the gap because to want a bigger gap means to want to be skinner. As everyone knows being too skinny is a bad thing.

    I heard it's possible to tone your butt and thighs and get the gap so try searching for toning exercises.

    Summary: Be born with it, be thinner, or do some serious toning to get the gap.

  • Squats work wonders. Try the Tabata training method.

    - 20 seconds of uninterrupted squats or lunges. Stop for 10. Then 20 seconds of squats again. Repeat for 4 minutes once or twice a week, not more. link

    - Try side lunges too. They KILL but so effective.

    - Also the elliptical is brilliant for this.

  • Ignore the prats.

    As for the gap between your legs, I horse ride and I have legs like trunks. I spent AGESSS trying to get them to have the gap. I don't think you can "make" it unless you become very very thin. Some people naturally have legs like that, and others don't.

    From personal experience, most men I know prefer no gap. But it's a personal choice... try not get too upset with it. Maybe you should ask your doctor for advice on how to lose leg fat/muscle? Or look online? There are some exercises specially for that area, but I don't know whether it would create the gap you want...

    Sorry I can't be more help x

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