How can I get a gap between my thighs?

What can I do? I'm working on losing weight and not having track running legs but what else can I do? I really want a gap


Most Helpful Girl

  • a gap meaning that you don't want your thighs to touch?hmm... It's honestly a hard thing to achieve if you naturally have thick thighs. I didn't even achieved that when I played soccer for a couple years; the gap came about when I got reaaally sick and couldn't eat anything and therefore lost a bunch of weight, but I wouldn't suggest not eating. I would suggest keep running, try yoga/pilates, and increase your intake of protein and fiber (so white meat like chicken, fish, salmon; beans, wheat bread, veggies and fruits for your fiber. You could also throw in some yogurt to regulate your digestive system...haha gross, I know. Hope that helps.

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