How can I get a gap between my thighs?

What can I do? I'm working on losing weight and not having track running legs but what else can I do? I really want a gap


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  • a gap meaning that you don't want your thighs to touch?hmm... It's honestly a hard thing to achieve if you naturally have thick thighs. I didn't even achieved that when I played soccer for a couple years; the gap came about when I got reaaally sick and couldn't eat anything and therefore lost a bunch of weight, but I wouldn't suggest not eating. I would suggest keep running, try yoga/pilates, and increase your intake of protein and fiber (so white meat like chicken, fish, salmon; beans, wheat bread, veggies and fruits for your fiber. You could also throw in some yogurt to regulate your digestive system...haha gross, I know. Hope that helps.


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  • Unfortunately for you the gap you speak of is a product of bone structure more than it is fat or muscle content. Many girls could lose every ounce of fat and muscle on their bodies and still never get it for this reason. And since that's something you can't change about yourself, your only real solution is to learn to love yourself the way you are.

  • you have a pretty crabby attitude and if you are that ultra sensitive then you shouldn't ask questions because people are going to give you their raw blunt opinion sometimes and people are gonna joke sometimes. deal with it.

    having said that I am gonna answer it exactly how I want now. personally I would notice the track legs any day of the week over the gap thing you speak of. in fact there is nothing hotter to me. but if you want to look like those coke head looking girls then you simply do what those girls do: skip most of your meals, take diet pills, don't workout, look and feel like $#!T with no curves. follow those easy steps and your "gap" will be here soon. good luck.


    track legs. yummmm.

    • I agree... women with well developed legs are amazing looking.

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    • Bit harsh really isn't it! I'm a coke head and I don't have a hap between my thighs, I don't look like one of these naturally skinny girls, I eat very few of my meals, I take diet pills, don't work and don't feel good about myself. FU

    • ...lmao...

  • For weightloss you need to eat fruits/veggies and do some kind of muscle training. Results are not instant. Muscle burns fat. But if you're already 116, I seriously would stop and think about what you're doing to yourself.

    And please, stop being a drama queen.

  • What exactly is closing this "gap"that you want? And what do you even mean by "gap?" If you sloe your legs together you don't want your thighs to touch? I don't think that is even possible. And I know I could never make it happen for myself because I'm all muscle there and they are just too large from the things I do on a daily basis.

    • Do what you want... but ask yourself why you care so much about this "gap" as you call it. Well adjusted men don't want women that care about crap like that. If we want anything at all, it's like the guy below me said: well developed legs similar to what you see in that video.

  • Walk like a penguin!

  • You can't spot reduce so you would need to lose weight all over

  • Use a wider stance?

    • I know this is trolling, but... LOL!

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    • LOL, or: "Uh, you already have a gap between your legs..."

    • I f***ing LOL'd so much

  • I don't get why people are saying your so nasty? Was stuff deleted that I didn't see? I mean, you might be a bit quick off the mark but I know if you wanna loose weight and your thin your gonna hear that sh*t evvvveerrrrryyyyyy day of your life. I'm like, 110 pounds and I wanna loose weight. Yah its unhealthy but I'm not healthy =] I'm diabetic and I smoke cigarssss

    Anyway, hum. Yeah lunges and running, probably. Try and tone your muscle. Your already very thin so its just shaping what weight you have instead of losing it, like you had said its muscle anyway =]

    • Don't be lame and delete your account, just don't ask questions about weight 'cos people here are all American. That's what happens in America. If you wanna leave just leave...

  • cardio cardio and more cardio. and healthy eating is also a must can't have 1 without the other

    • I'm sure you can eat healthy without doing cardio

    • cardios easy, just go for an half hr walk, or swim or bike, simple and easy, and you don't bulk up. which is most likely what most women want. just remember to keep your heart rate up for that half hr or no fat will be burned. can't expect to lose weight by just eating healthy. not getting that half hr of exercise is equilvalent to smoking to 2 packs of cigs a day.

      so suck on that people who give me negative votes. and duh kkj, iam saying the key to losing weight is healthy eating and cardio.

    • believe me, I used to be as fit as a pro boxer. got down to 150, now 230 yeah big change I know. I jogged for about a half hr every day. ate healthy, lifted weights the whole 9. and I had a gap between my legs. not any more though lol. ladies still love me though

  • Track running legs... Those might be hard to lose since they're probably all muscle and have very little fat. I'd suggest cut down on protein and eat more fiber but continue running. If you're lifting weights for your legs probably try and lessen that too. Without protein and weight training, you should see the muscles shrink and what little fat is there just melt away. Keep running though, keep em nice and toned.

  • you mean like losing weight?

    burn more calories than you consume per day. also, eat healthy.

    fruits, vegetables, some dairy, lots of grains. and stay away from "junk food".

    • @Question asker: What's wrong with this answer?

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    • i don't know, honestly. but I would guess about 6 pounds.

      but just keep losing weight until it's desirable to you. I personally think you are in the normal "weight range" or whatever the term is. but I dunno. I guess peoples' physiques are different.

    • if you truly want to delete your account, then:

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      there you go.

  • I'm a personal trainer so this is what I do. Go hiking, swimming, or you can go running around your neighborhood. Get fresh air and be happy to be out getting exercise. I personally love going early in the morning or late in the evening. If you can eat healthier that's great. If that's hard for you than that's the way it is. Be happy with who you are. Somethings you need to learn to live with. I have many of those things.

  • have a lot of s.e.x. it's good exercise :) it spreads the legs so I thi k it should do the Job

  • the best way to go about it would be to go up into space. in space, you are weightless and the effect of weightlessness can cause muscle distrophy (loss of muscle mass) which would then cause that "gap" in between your legs near your thigh area.

    the problem is, you're not an astronaut and aren't trained to do that type of stuff. the best thing to do is to not work out and continue to lose weight, healthily though. do NOT starve yourself

    disclaimer: why do you want to delete your account, not everyone on here is mean

    • "The best thing to do is to not work out"? Isn't working out the healthiest way to lose weight...?

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    • You need to burn more calories than you take in to lose weight. The best and healthiest way to do that is to eat healthier foods that have all the nutrition you need and work out to burn off the extra calories.

    • nope, working out would only cause her legs to get bigger, widening the thigh area, she wants them thinner

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  • I was born with it but my girls exercise for it.

    Try lunges & jump roping.

  • hey don't let them get you down, u'll get a gap ! just go on a diet, cause no matter how long you run if you keep eating loads of junk food you won't be able to burn enough calories. and yeah running is the best option, works for me ! by the way this has nothing to do with genetics you just need to loose some weight :)

    good luck

  • It depends on your genetics.

    I've seen girls on the thicker side still have the gap just because that's how they're bodies are - bones, fat, etc,.

    But everyone can have the gap when they're thin. I don't recommend being too obsessed with the gap because to want a bigger gap means to want to be skinner. As everyone knows being too skinny is a bad thing.

    I heard it's possible to tone your butt and thighs and get the gap so try searching for toning exercises.

    Summary: Be born with it, be thinner, or do some serious toning to get the gap.

  • Squats work wonders. Try the Tabata training method.

    - 20 seconds of uninterrupted squats or lunges. Stop for 10. Then 20 seconds of squats again. Repeat for 4 minutes once or twice a week, not more. link

    - Try side lunges too. They KILL but so effective.

    - Also the elliptical is brilliant for this.

  • Ignore the prats.

    As for the gap between your legs, I horse ride and I have legs like trunks. I spent AGESSS trying to get them to have the gap. I don't think you can "make" it unless you become very very thin. Some people naturally have legs like that, and others don't.

    From personal experience, most men I know prefer no gap. But it's a personal choice... try not get too upset with it. Maybe you should ask your doctor for advice on how to lose leg fat/muscle? Or look online? There are some exercises specially for that area, but I don't know whether it would create the gap you want...

    Sorry I can't be more help x

  • First off, let's start with your diet, you need 10-15% of your caloric intake to be protein; 20-30% fats, but make sure they are unsaturated fats, unsaturated fats include polyunsaturated fatty acids and monounsaturated fats; and 40-60% from carbs. If you're shooting to lose weight your calorie intake each day has to be less than your loss. Fruits and vegetables are great for snacks. You need about six "meals" each day. Breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day, it sets up the way your body's going to function for the day and makes a big difference on metabolism, it should be something like oatmeal with berries; a snack about 2-3 hours later, something like fruit and yogurt or cheese or even a V8 (the regular one not the sweet one, it contains more unnecessary sugars); lunch, nothing too big, but make sure it's a meal with protein, your body needs this energy for your workout; another snack, nuts and cheese or something just like before; dinner, if it's within thirty minutes of the end of your workout you will greatly benefit from protein seeing as your body will still be working hard and it'll take up the protein; and another snack, just like the ones before, you have to make sure your snacks aren't large. A typical snack for me would be a V8 and a string cheese (the string cheese typically has 9 grams of protein in each), or some nuts or something like that.

    Being 116 puts you at the bare minimum for weight with your height. Healthy for a 5ft 4in female is from around 117-145. These standards al o depend on BMI and all of those things though. Running is the best bet according to me. It helps so much with everything on a persons body ESPECIALLY your legs. Make sure that with your cardio though you get adequate amounts of weight or resistance training. One without the other is completely counter productive. When you get into little areas like the inner thigh (which is on all females because we are made to have children; it's for when we give birth), a lot of it is diet. Holding a strict diet is key to this smaller and harder to maintain areas.

  • For some people there's no way to do that because you're not built that way...

    • not true. if you lose enough weight you'll have a gap, however, that weight may not be good for you,

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    • But that's like saying: "Yeah, can fly. Just know that you'll hit the pavement after a few seconds and die...but can fly for a time..." :)

    • You're actually right and some people may be able to get a gap with really unhealhy weight, but no matter how much weight some people lose, they'll never have a gap. It's based on your bone structure

  • you're a normal weight, you're active, and you're eating right, correct?

    if you don't have a leg gap, you're probably never going to have one unless you make yourself sick and lose weight you don't need to lose and then you'll be miserable.

    you have thick thighs, they touch... I'm sorry, doll, but it's one of those things that annoy us about our bodies that we simply have to accept. my thighs touch and I'm perfectly happy with my weight, I'm healthy and I exercise. it's not unattractive, it's just your body. some people want lighter skin, some people want to be taller. there's no magic pill that can get us to look exactly how we deem perfect.

    so to answer your questions simply, you can't get a gap between your legs. there's no spot reduction technique, no device or spanks that's gonna make it happen. love your body for how it is and take good care of yourself. hope that helps.

  • There are some people who will never get the gap between their legs no matter how skinny they get. Its a genetic thing.

    In general, you have to lose weight. Just please do it healthily and don't starve yourself.

  • Seriously Question Asker, if you don't like the answers, suck it up. You asked the question.

    And welcome to the real world darlin, not every has an answer you're going to like.

    So POSSIBLY and maybe just possibly, you might think to reframe your shoot-from-the-hip, smart a** responses BEFORE you hit submit...

    So, now to the question: stroll though the rest of the responses and you'll see that toning may help, not starvation, not losing more weight and that genetics predispose one's shape.

    • Why don't you answer the question? You're so holier than thou yet you simply can't answer it

    • ha ha ha...holier than thou? funny.

      Answer to the question is that you CAN'T develop a "gap" between your upper thighs. At 116lb and 5'4", this lady doesn't need to lose any weight. Clearly she is an athlete (as she basically alludes to in the first part of her question) and would already being doing the leg strengthening and toning exercises.

      You can not change your overall figure. If you have wide hips, that's what you'll have for example.

      I'm sure she's lovely as she is though

  • you would need to lose about 25 ponds to get a gap. at your height & weight. maybe 30..

    that means you write down what you normally eat to maintain your current weight. every day for two weeks. cut your intake by 500 calories per day.. you should lose a pound a week. so in 7 months you will have lost 30 pounds. you can not increase back to whee you were you will be eating for a lower weight. so you would need to continue eating less, tho you may need to add a hundred or 2 hundred calories if you find you are still losing weight. , but you can not back to where you were or you will go back to what you weighed.

  • Dear Question asker,

    I don't know how you could get a gap to be honest, I guess you should do exercises for it.

    And to answer you other question (thats the one I know the answer for since I've deleted 3 accounts already :P) to delete your account click this link then where it clearly says "cancel your account" write down why you don't like this site and click cancel account.


    Good Luck,

    IMAQT xx

  • -30 to 60 minutes of cardio a day(running,jump roping,swimming,cycling,elliptical etc)

    -Strength training 2-3x a week(weight lifting,calisthenics,resistance training,youga pilates)

    -Eliminate liquid calories

    -Limit the amount of processed foods you eat.

  • I don't think you can. I've seen people as skinny as me and not have a gap because it's mainly based on your vine structure.. Why do you want a gap? I'd switch to have my thighs touch any day. Just get over it and be happy with what you have.

  • Why would you want that? It looks unhealthy :/ Besides, you can't just lose weight in one area, you'd have to lose weight all over, then ALL of you would look sickly.

    • I do not care what you think.

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    • you're just saying it's unhealthy because you're fat.

    • Sigh. I understand that some people are naturally that thin, and there's nothing wrong with that at all. But the way she's talking sounds just like my friend before she developed an eating disorder. Targeting one petty flaw instead of just wanting to lose weight. Sorry if I offended anyone, I could have phrased it better.

  • this question is so confusing... I don't understand what you're asking?

  • lol ..why do you want a gap? it may not look good on you.

    • Why is it any of your business?

  • lunges?

  • Well I personally now it's really hard to get a gap between your legs, so I will try to help as much as I can.

    I know that Pilates is one of the best exercises for stuff like that (also for flat stomach) so I suggest you try it. You also need to eat healthy so you would have leg muscle and remove the fat (just saying because you wouldn't probably to have boney legs)

  • Liposuction

    • what if its muscle?

    • Hmmm... idk. I don't think you can just loose muscle in one area.

    • in space you can. space (no gravity) has a huge effect on muscle loss of one area. if you don't pay attention to a specific area just like here on earth, itll start to lose its mass

  • i can relate to both your question and your update...

    for your question I don't know how, they seem to. but yeah at one point I wanted a gap between my thighs too. whether or not it matters to you if it's attractive, keep in mind there is a sexiness to thunder thighs ;)

    and yeah some people are too cynical and self-righteous on this site. it's ridiculous but I deal.

  • You just cant. Its constitutional whether you born with it or not its part of a particular body type.

  • You can't make the gap by concentrating on one spot.

    Become skinny and it will appear. =/

  • U OK hun? Don't let people get to you.

  • nothing. working out your legs only makes them bigger FYI. you don't lose fat in areas that you build muscle tone, you just build muscle tone

  • Why do You have to act like such a brat? I mean really, if people aren't answering your question to your standards, don't even give them the time of day.There's no need to be rude about it. People are aloud to give their opinions just as much as you and I, and just because you're not getting answers you like, doent mean you treat people like crap. And like that one girl said, guys find curvy legs attractive. Get over it, you're beautiful whichever way you are, but you need to learn to treat people better.

    • Typical stuck up the ass answer from a girl. I've asked this question before and I can understand where she and many others who've done this are coming from. Some of y'all think advice and opinions are the same

  • Squats, lunges, leg presses.

    I've always had a gap between my thighs but it's been exacerbated through working out and eating right.