Why do thin people date/marry FAT people?

I feel like fat people should only be allowed to date other fat people untill of course they slim down to their normal size. and by fat I do not only mean grossly obese. chubby/chunky is also fat imo.


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  • some people have difficulty saying no to food. some people have other weaknesses. I kno a lot of people who are overweight have a difficult time with it. often overeating is a kind of self-medicating. but eveyone has a weakness, and yet someone their loves them. Should you be judged or deemed unloveable just because you are not perfect in an area? maybe you're messy, sleep around too much, poor driver, wear glasses/contacts, have big ears, had braces, have a goofy personality, talk too much, wear too much perfume, have an annoying laugh--shall we condemn you to never being worthy of love? Who said weight was the gage for love? or self worth? or anything meaningful?

    we cannot rationally "stop accepting" overweight people, because then we'd be pointing to ourselves and our weaknesses. Why don't we kill all of the people who calorie-count, or who watch too much tv, because a few folks find it unacceptable? just utter stupidity. When you become perfect one day, you can then transcend the whole lot of imperfect humanity... Of course, that will be a pretty lonely day for you.


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  • I would consider myself at a good weight for my height, but I have asked out "chunky" girls though not necessarily fat. They were just nice girls.

    Fat probably not because it implies the girl does not take care of herself and her health. However, it does not mean she has a bad personality. But each to his own.

    • a lot of times chunky girls become fatter after you marry them. so be warned.

  • Because you tend to disregard weight if you really like that person. Besides, fat people are usually motivated to lose weight when they date slim people. In my opinion weight does not play a big role in successful relationship, unless it's really extreme and there's an underlying medical problem.

    • no they arent. fat people are fat because they are lazy and glutenous. so why would they suddenly have this intense motivation just because some skinny person is enabling them and in many cases encouraging them?

    • People can become overweight for a number of reasons. They are not all necessarily lazy, for instance. If a fat person dates a skinny one, s/he has an incentive to become a better match. So s/he attempts to lose weight. It's the natural tendency in people to be like their partner, especially if they consider the partner to be more fitting.

    • what?

  • there is the strange thing called love that doesn't take into account how much a person eats, or how shallow a person is either

  • Because they can and plus some fat people are hot if you don't like hearing that well too bad get over it.

  • I'm thin and fat girls are still technically on the table for me. Why? Because so many skinny women are just horrible on the inside. I know my odds of finding someone with a soul are much higher if she's not full of herself. And fat girls aren't usually full of themselves... unless they're really fat or one of those ones that waaaay more confident than she should be.

    • so basically you're insecure because you think its easier* to date fat girls. you think skinny are hard to get and you're afraid of that. but honestly, I live near a military base and fat army wives are constantly* cheating on their husbands while their deployed..its extremely nieve to think fat girls are somehow nicer than thin girls.

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    • k, enjoy your vibrator and the guys that all the other girls passed on.

    • why do you act as if I'm jealous of fat girls. if I wanted to be fat I'd eat a gallon of ice cream on a regular basis to catch up..no body wants to be fat. the ones who are are lazy glutens who lack self control.

  • lol rich guys are usually out of shape, they focus on making money instead of making muscles. I don't think they make all that money to date/marry chubby/fat girls


    • f*** off

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    • Don't care about what other people think anymore, nor do I need people to tell me I'm awesome and funny

      I'm surprised you got so many people here to answer you question. They couldn't see through your shallow question.

      Why are you getting so angry at me. I'm just stating the obvious.

    • well you're certainly annoying but I wouldn't say I'm actually getting angry. stating the obvious would be making a clear point. all you're doing is posting one annoying, useless comment after another

  • Why do stupid people ask stupid questions?

    • you're the one asking a stupid question not me. mine is perfectly legit

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    • Lol good for you. My recommendation is that you go fight all of them

    • if people would just stop accepting them, then I suspect the obesity numbers will decrease over time. the problem is the enormous amount of sympathy fat people receive, which really only enables them

  • Some people like curvy people. You don't get to decide what people like, or who they date.

    • fat people cannot high jack the term curvy. marilyn monroe is curvy. I think they're really just lowering their standards due to their own insecurities when dating fat people.

    • Yeah, it takes some real mental gymnastics for someone to decide that they and they alone can speak for the spectrum of human sexuality and attraction.

      You must be a real egomaniac.

  • It's not that common. If they're happy, that's all that matters I guess.

    • it's so common! I seel it a lot. it seems to be an epidemic. fat people are taking over

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    • what I would like to know is why they would choose that?statistically there are more fat people than thin people, and that trend is rising, so do you think that could have anything to do with it? sometimes I think people just settle for what's available to them.

    • That's something I couldn't tell you. I don't see the attraction personally but to each their own.

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  • Talk about discrimination.

    People should be able to talk whoever they want

    True love isn't base on someones weight.

  • Because not everyone is you. =)

  • LOL, why do you care so much what other people do? If you're attracted to a fit guy with a chubby girlfriend [that he is obviously attracted to and possibly loves], are you going to be like, 'no! You shouldn't date her because she's fat! Date me instead because I'm thin!' and totally disregard things like, you know, what HE'S attracted to, respecting his relationship, and personal choice? =P Even if there was some rule that people could only date their own body type, that doesn't in any way mean that they'd WANT to, nor would it change what their idea of attractive is, fat or thin.

    • no more like when I see a nice looking guy with some fat ass, I think how insecure HE must be, and how huge a mistake he's making, literally. people keep trying to say this is some jealousy issue I have with fat girls, which is ridiculous. I'm also not the only one shocked by couples like that, this just might be the first time you've actually heard it. finally I'm sure there's some kind of a + correlations between new obesity trends and high divorce rates over the years.i don't car I'm just talking

    • How does finding something outside of the 'societal norm' attractive equate to being insecure? Everyone likes something different and you can't help who you're attracted to. Being with someone who is overweight may be bad judgement for several reasons to YOU, but those guys/girls obviously disagree and think the pros of that person outweigh whatever cons [real or imagined] of their size. If they're happy and meet each others' needs in a relationship/attraction-wise, it isn't your place to bitch

    • or say that they're wrong for feeling how they do. No one said anyone else has to approve of their relationship, you don't have to like it, I just don't see the point in thinking everyone else should conform to the ideals that you want them to.

  • Some people find fat people attractive.

    Some people value other characteristics more than weight.

    Some people are thin when they first start dating or marry, but they gain weight later on (either due to unhealthy habits, pregnancy, getting older, or medical reasons). But their partner cares about them/their relationship too much to end the relationship.

    When you say that fat people should only be allowed to date other fat people, you're also saying that thin people aren't allowed to date fat people. Some thin people WANT to date someone who is fat.

    But when it comes down to it, why the f*** do you care? How is it any of your business? How does it affect you?

    • why do people keep saying on here that its "ok" for people to marry an unsuspecting skinny person as a skinny person themselves and then suddenly explode? and pregnancy is NEVER an excuse for obesity..fat people need to stop using that because first of all fat women are not even good child bearers..and it actually affects me in the way that its destroying healthcare, but I guess you can't figure that out...so I have to spoon feed everything to you.

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    • Really, how do you know whether or not someone has additional contributing factors to their weight problems? You don't know every aspect of their life, you don't know what they deal with psychologically. You really don't have anything to justify your judgmental, hateful attitude with.

      Honestly, all your post sounds like is that you probably have difficulties attracting men, and when you see attractive men with overweight girls, you feel upset because they're able to get a boyfriend/husband

    • and you aren't. My advice is that you should stop worrying about other people, and focus on yourself: How can you make yourself more appealing to the opposite gender? Maybe there are things you could do to improve your appearance, and my guess is that there are certainly things you could do to improve your personality and attitude.

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    • ...am I supposed to be offended* by that outburst? I think I am literally driving fat girls crazy with this question lol.

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    • 'literally like a toxic sewage, waste plant waddling around' <--- that's exactly what I am

      ur so affected by this :(

    • whatever you decided to comment on here, so I responded back.

  • you're over 45? you're f***ing stupid to ask that, go die.

    • im not actually that old. I didn't use my real bith date. I'm in my early 20's, but not that that really matters...but to you it obviously does. nice try though. anywya you're probably fat, so I suspect you'll die much sooner in the near future due to your unhealthy lifestyle.

    • lol your jealous of fat girlssss! your personality must be SHIT to even post this question... ha ha the fact that fatties have sexy enough personalities and got the guys you could've been interested in before you, kills youuu!

      i hope the fattest person on earth lands on your head and crushes you.

      and marilyn monroe was considered chubby you dummy. that's partly why she's a famous role model for women.

      i hope your insecurities eat you alive.

    • you must have the most disgusting sex ever and I really don't need to hear about it please. and would fat girls please stop high jacking the MM thing. that is curvy, not rolls of fat...Fat is really just toxic waste your body can't get rid of, so you are literally like a toxic sewage, waste plant waddling around..not sexy.

  • Wow, you're a shitty person. It's none of your business who other people date or marry. Sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.

  • probably not everybody is that shallow.

  • Because they like that type of person. Not all people marry someone based on weight. Some actually like their personality and don't care about the persons physical appearance. Or its in the person nature to like someone who is chubby. I mean its their way of thinking and their likes.

    • they obviously really* don't care about physical attraction in that case, don't they? depends on your defintion of chubby. I see a lot of fat people referring to themselves as curvy, so obviously a lot of defintions have been skewed/high jacked over the years.

    • Yeah they don't care. If they really like the person then they wouldn't let their physical appearance get in the way. And well chubby/fat people. And they refer themselves as curvy as a way to feel better about themselves or they actually do have curves. Nobody likes to think bad about themselves.

  • If they like/love the other person should it really matter what other people think? Should preps only date preps? Should alcoholics only date other alcoholics? Why should size matter? That's like hearing a girl say that she will only date blond haired blue eyed guys...

    • size matters because its unhealthy and it makes you an extreme liability in terms of long term health consequences. fatness is something controllable. they do it to themselves through glutany and laziness. people need to stop thinking that fatness is an inherited medical condition beyond ones control.

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    • I agree that if they complain they should do something about it, but why does that bother you? Sometimes it easier to point out other things that are wrong with other people then looking at what is wrong with yourself. You say you wouldn't let yourself go that far, but that's because looks matter more to you. I would rather talk to a friend that needs me then worry about counting calories. I would rather sleep in on school days then wake up an hour early so I can do up my hair for people that...

    • Won't like me if I walked in the room with no make up hair in a ponytail and in sweat pants. Have you ever heard the saying if you don't love me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best?

  • could be that they fell in love with that person's personality. It happens I guess

  • It doesn't matter if the one is fat and the one is skinny dating or married and they are in love and size doesn't matter it's the kind of person they are. I support thin/chubby and gay and lesbians. They are just as compatible as skinny people dating or married.

  • I'm fat and my boyfriend is slim. He fell in love with my personality, and only found me physically attractive after he fell in love with me.. So I guess that's why?

  • Generally, they do.

    There are always a few exceptions, perhaps because other things outweighed the lack of fitness, such as personality, wealth, sex skills, etc.

    Also, people's weight tends to fluctuate, so they may have both been fat/thin at the time of marriage. Once that person becomes your best friend and trusted partner, it's hard to kick them to the curb for something like weight.

    • *generally they don't

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    • no that's not it at all. don't try and turn this around on me and make it into a "jealousy" issue. its not just me. I've lived in Europe, and they're constantly referring to Americans as all fat, which is annoying to those who aren't fat, yet we're forced to be associated with them.

    • I was just curious why you were SO incredibly ticked off by this, rather than annoyed.