Why do thin people date/marry FAT people?

I feel like fat people should only be allowed to date other fat people untill of course they slim down to their normal size. and by fat I do not only mean grossly obese. chubby/chunky is also fat imo.


Most Helpful Girl

  • some people have difficulty saying no to food. some people have other weaknesses. I kno a lot of people who are overweight have a difficult time with it. often overeating is a kind of self-medicating. but eveyone has a weakness, and yet someone their loves them. Should you be judged or deemed unloveable just because you are not perfect in an area? maybe you're messy, sleep around too much, poor driver, wear glasses/contacts, have big ears, had braces, have a goofy personality, talk too much, wear too much perfume, have an annoying laugh--shall we condemn you to never being worthy of love? Who said weight was the gage for love? or self worth? or anything meaningful?

    we cannot rationally "stop accepting" overweight people, because then we'd be pointing to ourselves and our weaknesses. Why don't we kill all of the people who calorie-count, or who watch too much tv, because a few folks find it unacceptable? just utter stupidity. When you become perfect one day, you can then transcend the whole lot of imperfect humanity... Of course, that will be a pretty lonely day for you.