How to stop melanin production?

is it possible to stop it? if yes, then how? which food or pills can help?

so for all who asked me why? I don't want to stop all the production, I know its dangerous. I want just to reduce it to make my hair and skin stay like now forever, because I also know skin and hair get darker with age. I want to prevent it.

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  • link link Also, like nwgrl said you should also talk to your doctor about this before you do anything. Do you mind if I ask why you want to stop melanin production?

    • Ok then. You should still talk to a doctor before you do anything though.

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    • I really don't know if my skin and hair is getting to be darker, but if yes, I want to prevent it.

    • You should read these answer it seems varied on why,if and how badly it happens: link