Do you consider hoarding a mental illness?

If you don't know what hoarding is here is an example


Do you think people who hoard actually have a mental illness? I personally think they are just too lazy to clean up

  • Yes its an illness
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  • Its called being lazy
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  • I watch that show about Hoarders and sometimes I have a hard time believing that it's more about mental illness and less about being a nasty ass pig.

    Most of those people I feel are disgusting and need someone to call them out on their laziness. I think they're just lazy and disgusting for the most part and we've another case of someone making excuses for the lazy


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  • I lean towards yes, but as with mental illness in general, there are no fine lines. Some could consider collecting a form of hoarding.

  • It's relative, but for some it is definitely a mental illness. In high school a friend's mom was one of those for whom it is an illness. Their house was stacked floor to ceiling with stuff...every room, including the hallways. The only relatively clear areas were narrow pathways through which you could walk. Not pretty.

  • I hoard precious metals. I don't think I'm ill! but it is neatly stored lol

  • I have hoarding tendencies but my sh*t is pretty organized

  • Hell yeah, have you seen those people on that TV show, they're f***ing insane.

    • most of them I think as lazy as hell. Like you seriously can't clean up the sh*t you just took on the floor lol

    • Yeah but I think if they were just lazy, they wouldn't mind other people moving their stuff for them. For some reason, those people have trouble letting go of certain things and if you watch enough of those shows, you start to realize that a lot of hoarders get that way because they suffer some kind of loss or they experience some traumatic event.

  • Depends what you define as a mental illness, I wouldn't really. I'd say it's just a lifestyle that person prefers. Let people live the way they f***ing want if it's not harming anyone other than themselves (and it might not even really be harming themselves).

  • This one looks like a slob but some kinds of collecting and hoarding are obsessive compulsive behavior.


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  • Yes because you have to be ill to live like that

  • It's a form of OCD

  • Some of those people on Hoarders are seriously mental, they have disorders, sometimes more than one, other times it's coupled with a physical disorder.

    There is always a trigger that causes it, so in my case it's more likely than not a mental illness that causes hoarding.

  • yes. it's usually not about cleaning up,as much as it is an issue with keeping and getting more things.

  • I don't think that it hoarding has to do with being lazy at all. I mean, it also depends on how much "hoarding" you're doing... I think hoarding is a mental illness because it's an obsession with holding on to stuff that you really don't need. It's kind of like obsessive cleaning... but it's not. That's what I think.

    A lot of people who hoard things get really upset when you try and like clean out their stuff or start to remove it from the area that they have it all in. If they were really lazy, I don't think they would be so emotionally attached and get upset when you tried to get rid of it.

  • Hoarding is a symptom of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, considered a mental illness.

  • There are lazy people but then there are also people with attachment issues. Like on the show Hoarders some people think that getting rid of their things is literally going to kill them...

  • I think it depends on the person. For those people you see on those TV shows, I would say it borders on being a mental illness. I also had a close friend whose mom was a total hoarder... she even kept McDonald's toys and things like that. But it stemmed from her experience as a child when she came home to find that her new stepmom and pretty much thrown away all of her stuff. I could be described as mildly hoarding I guess... but my family moves pretty often so in the end I know I will have to get rid of most of my stuff and I'm okay with that. So for me I would say it's laziness lol.

  • Well, hoarding is a form of OCD, which I have. Sometime people have it a lot more serious than others but I guess it all depends on what you equate mental illness with. I personally only think it becomes a mental "illness" once it takes over your life in a way you can't hope to control.

    I know someone (a family member) who died with their house full to the tops of the doors with collected junk. She had a serious illness. Mine is more minor, I can control my hoarding although it becomes more serious with stress. I'll hoard a few objects unconsciously and only when I step back and analyse what I'm doing is when I realize I need to stop.

    It isn't about being lazy. There's a difference between someone who can't be bothered to clean up their mess and someone who hoards. A person who hoards does NOT do it with the intention of making their house messy. Unconsciously we grow attached to objects that may not even be of any use to us still and still there is something that makes it difficult for us to let go.

    In that sense, it is an illness.

  • its in the DSM-IV

  • It's definitely a mental illness, but probably not all people who hoard have it. Some might be really lazy. So it's a mix of both.

  • I'm studying to become a psychologist and yes it is an illness of sorts. In the DSM-IV it is classified as a subtype of OCD (Obssessive-Compulsive Disorder)

    • I understand its in the DSM-IV but some of those people I think are also just lazy. One woman had maids to do everything for her then her husband died so she just never picked up. I think her case as many of others are just plain laziness. I think its both a form of OCD for some people, combined OCD and laziness then also just the lazy people. Just my opinion though :)

  • It is.. They are emotionally attached to the stuff in their house even if its trash.

  • It might be partially mental and partially laziness... There are 2 types in my opinion. Those people who keep a bunch of stuff because they know it still works even if THEY don't need them or make use of them, but keep them just because they might still be useful sometime in the future.

    Then there are those who don't even throw out the bathroom trash and leave it piling up, or any other trash at all for that matter. It's disgusting.

    However, being lazy has to do with your mentality as well. They "think" it's too hard to do one thing or another, and end up doing nothing! Whereas some people have trouble figuring out if they will make use of something later on, if it still works.

    This link is by far the worst thing I've ever seen! EWK!

    That lady is one disgusting person, along with her children! All of them are lazy sick humans! Yet, they all blame each-other. Crazies!

    • omg I know! I've seen some really gross ones from this guy having dead kittens, women peeing in bottles and a woman eating maggot infested food that expired 30 years ago. I agreee lol

    • :o eeeeewkkk! XD It's horrible.

  • Some people have issues with letting go which can be seen as a mental issue. So they end up having stacks of unnecessary things out of fear that one day they will need it or that they'll be missing something without it.

  • yes obviously it's an illness because a sane person would not feel the need to keep a tissue for 10 years because of "sentimental value". just sayin

  • Yeah I do. ESP if they are hoarding only a specific type of thing

  • Most times its Part laziness and part menta/behavioral condition. For some its more laziness than condition, and for others its more condition than laziness. Sometimes its not laziness at all and sometimes its not mental or behavioral condition at all, it is different from person to person.

    I was raised by a hoarder and I believe that I have inherited this condition. Its like I have an attachment to objects. Sometimes I have to stop and ask myself why am I holding onto this. Its really weird because I'm also OCD about cleanliness since I grew up living in clutter and I'm afraid I'll become a hoarder, so its always a struggle for me.