What is your opinion on plastic surgery?

Guys and girls, plastic surgery has become more and more common in our world. So what is your opinion on having "fake" parts? is it cheating?


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  • Unless it is needed to survive/ live a normal life I think it is a waste of time, money and doctors. It is beyond being about "fake parts" it is just stupidity.


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  • Imo it stems from insecurity, unless it's disfigurement from a birth defect or accident. Most guys prefer all-natural parts. :)

    • :) thanks, but you all still seem attracted to the movie stars and megan fox and victoria's secret angels and girls with big boobs. when they are fake.

    • i don't find Megan Fox that attractive...she looks too generic.

      She literally looks like a sexy android that Dexter made in his laboratory! :-P

  • makeup is just as fake imo

    • haha, very true. So if a woman chose not to wear makeup/plastic surgery, and was average looking, and then a woman was gorgeous, but with makeup/plastic surgery, which one would you choose?

    • Whatever woman was better looking and had a better personality.

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  • I need plastic surgery...

    I need rhinoplasty & a nipple/areola reduction...

    I've never held plastic surgery against anyone because it doesn't affect me and it doesn't make me better than them.

    People will talk sh*t about plastic surgery at face value but when they're drooling over Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, ScarJo, Christina Hendricks, Halle Berry or any VS model/actress in the world, they sure as hell aren't complaining about nose jobs, fake t*ts, tummy tucks, ear pinnings, lipo or botox/fillers

    • I totally agreee. I hate it when people get plastic surgery, because it ruins all beauty. now everyone can be beautiful. I'm not saying that everyone should be ugly, I'm just saying its harder to appreciate beautiful people because most of the time its not real beauty.

      I am really conflicted on this subject. I wouldn't mind getting a breast enhancement and/or nose job, but I also don't want to get rid of how I really look forever. you know?

  • Mental disorders like Body Dysmorphic Disorder aside:

    If it makes them feel better about themselves, then they should go for it.

  • For many it legitimately enhances their appearance and I don't see anything wrong with that. Some take it too far. When it starts looking unnatural that's bad.

  • no...i think people should just do what makes them happy and feel better abotu themselves. too much plastic surgery looks silly. but something like a nose job can really help