Signs of eye contact that a guy likes you?

how will a guy make eye contact if you likes u? up close and far away?


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  • depends on the guy.

    the shy guy will look at you from afar and most likely look away as soon as you meet his eye contact.

    the more self confident guy won't mind looking/smiling at you from a close distance. holding the eye contact when you look back at him. he will try to let you know that he is interested with a faint smile or such, when he knows you are looking at him.

    the one type of guy isn't better than the other, just cause he is more obvious.

    what I have heard from a lot of girls, is that the shy guys are the nicer ones in the end. it is just harder establishing the first contact.

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      true to a degree. I'm shy and I did what you said the confident guy would do and I didn't follow through I got too nervous to talk to her.