What time is the super bowl Halftime show tomorrow?

When does the halftime show start and end? :P How long is it?

And aside from Bruno Mars who is performing? :P

Oh then what is the one showing tomorrow? :O is ther singing or performances for the Rose Bowl then?
Theres not one that has Miley cyrus performing? :P I thought there was one and it was tomorrow? :P


Most Helpful Guy

  • The Superbowl isn't until the 2nd of FEBRUARY.

    So far, Bruno is the only performer that has been announced. There were talks of there not being a halftime show because of the logistics of setting and then disassembling everything during a possible blizzard. But since it's going to be cold, it's likely it won't be a huge show. Just keep tuning into the Superbowl website here:


    As for times, the game starts at 5:45 so you're looking at the show starting anywhere between 7:15ish at the earliest to 8:30 at the latest.