I love having a girl sit in my lap, do girls like this?

idky I do its like my favorite thing to have my girlfriend sitting on my lap. idt she likes it as much as I do. is this just a personal thing or do men like this more than women?


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    yes I do but only to a guy I like, like you and your girlfriend

  • yes I do.

  • I love it by I way much more than my boyfriend and he can't hold me for more than 5 mins.

  • I would love to if I wasn't fat lol. I'll straddle my boyfriend and grind on him, do guys like that?

  • I love it too. Just that I'm 5'7 and around 50kg, and my boyfriend almost the same size as mine so I just afraid I'm too heavy for him.

    • Girl, your 50kg. You are NOT too heavy for him, he'll barely feel a thing :)

  • I like hanging on guys like a koala bear lol even we cuddle it for them to lay on top of me I'm weird lol

  • Whenever I sit on a guy's lap, I feel like I'm going to crush him to death so I definitely don't enjoy it. I don't know how guys can stand a 120 pound weight being on their thighs. How are they not calling for an ambulance?

    • Your not like a weight lol! Your weight is distributed over like 5 feet so it dosnt quite work like that. Plus girls are cute so can't feel the pain :D.

  • I like sitting on his lap and cuddling.

  • Its whatever really.

  • I love sitting on my boyfriends lap. Personally I find it sexy when he picks me up and sits me on his lap.

  • I like sitting on a guy's ( that I know) lap

  • Yea love it

  • Yes I like it =)

  • Its not just a guy thing. I love that.

  • with my boyfriend yes

  • i like it when I am attracted to the guy

  • I love that feeling too, but I don't do it because I would probably crush him. lol so I just rest my head on his lap or my legs.

  • I love it although I can get nervous and act weird because of the sexual tension I feel at that moment.

    • It would be hard to explain but go on if you want to :P

    • lose your heads? hmm I may have to ask a question about sexual tension :D

    • It does make it fun but we girls react differently to it than guys. We can never lose our heads ha

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  • i love it. people are comfier than couches :)

  • I love doing that with my boyfriend. Specially as he has his hands on my thighs

  • It is alright

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