Is it legal to marry a half brother or sister?

I dont have any half siblings so this isn't a personal question. Im just curious because i have a pen pal in america who says he is marrying his half sister. They both have the same mother but different dads. I do not believe him but then again i dont really know the law on that sort of thing..


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  • It isn't legal anywhere in America to marry a half sibling.

    • It is not legal to marry anyone related to you by 1/8th or 12.5%

      Siblings by the same parents are related by 50%.
      Since half-siblings share one parent so that means half of 50%, which is 25%.

      So lets say your half-sibling has a kid. It would also be illegal to marry them because they would be related to you by 12.5%. And you'd be a pedophile :)

      First cousins are related by 12.5%.


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  • Keep it off the books. Even though its no ones business its better not to declare it, unless they want prison life.

  • Its legal and hot

    • I think perhaps you need help.

    • If it was good enough for the pharoahs it's good enough for me

    • The pharaohs didn't have the knowledge of what repercussions incest relationships had. They also didn't have anywhere near as much of a diversity if potential partners to choose from. The gene pool back in those days would have been very small however today the gene pool is much larger and incest relationships are no longer necessary hence why it is strictly taboo.

  • I don't think so

  • Nope it's not legal

  • Whites do sleep with their own cousins. Marry or not marry it's other point. No one can stop man from incest fantasy of having sex with his sexy cousin.

    • Whites? I think you mean anyone has that potential to have that way of thinking.

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  • Excuse me while I go throw up now.

  • Its illegal in Australia

    • I know its illegal in Australia. Im from Australia. I was more asking for America lol.

  • No I don't believe you can. There are laws I think about how far apart you need to be in blood before you can marry. Marriage isn't the real concern though, it's the potential children they might have that are problems.

    • I read somewhere that the first generation of incest children have no more chance of having difficulties or deformation than any other child born however the 2nd generation has a far greater potential to develop abnormalities.

      I realise this is a rather gross topic but i have been reading quite a lot about it trying to figure out fact from fiction.