What is your opinion for me? Girls and guys how can I deal with this situation? I need solutions.?

My husband in the army and i didn't see him that much i miss him and i want him to be with me all the time but he cares about his job more than me and his son and i met a guy who seems really nice and kind to me we started to spend more time together and my son feel the same way about that guy and my son start calling him daddy and i think i have feelings for him and i can't deny that. Before a couple days we were together having dinner and we kissed it's just happened i don't know how! Please what should i do in this situation.

I can't make my son forget him too!
It's hard for us.


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  • Cool your ardor until you can discuss this with your husband face to face.
    A person away serving their country deserves better than a Dear John (or Dear Joanne) letter.


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  • You should be honest with your feeling first, whatever you decide communicate it really clear to your husband

    • Should i get divorce?

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  • how long has this been going on for? like how long has this been going on with your husband?