What does Marriage mean to you these days?

This builds on a topic from earlier where some one mentioned marriage just being a slip of paper.
Is that seriously what marriage has become these days?

From a lot of peoples answers I guess it is common that people end up in unhappy marriage. I had some great role models for marriage, parents and grandparents. It saddens me marriage has become no more then a piece of paper or ball in chain to some.


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  • What does Marriage mean to you these days?
    Marriage means to me a sh*t deal claiming partnership when really it's about being controlled while one's input is 'considered' after all one has to be head the house and wear the pants. Along with the control comes unequal compromises, unequal division of labor in regards to working and doing all/most of the household and childcare duties, and sex is unequally used as a transaction, obliged duty, or action done for one's sole benefit and enjoyment.

    However to me there are the extremely rare exceptions of genuine partnerships with love, loyalty, honesty, and trust where one can rely on their partner and one's concerns are heard rather than dismissed and sex is an expression of love and/or an action for both's pleasure and enjoyment.

    Is that seriously what marriage has become these days?
    For me it one of the things marriage has become is a slip of paper.

    • You must have seen a lot of unhappy marriages.

    • @Asker
      Pretty much. The only happy marriages I've seen were feminist ones and they appear to be quite uncommon.


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  • Marriage is supposed to be a partnership. These days...it seems like an excuse to spend tens of thousands of dollars to show off, only to get divorced less than a year later. People simply do not explore each other enough before taking this next step. Marriage isn't the problem. People are. The caliber of people these days is just...abysmal.

  • I think marriage is a promise to love, care for, and be with someone for the rest of your life. I think it's that commitment to share your life, your possessions, and your time and effort with them. I don't think its a piece of paper, I think it's a contract to hold true to your vows. Marriage is what binds two souls together. It is a huge leap of faith and an act of true love.

  • Marriage to me is the same traditional full of love & happiness. It's just perfect and you can't imagine doing anything without them. Like it's almost overwhelming how much you love them and you know 100% God has sent them down for you. 2 people that have unconditional, and undying love.

  • I look towards marriage as being with your best friend for the rest of your life. Not only that, when you get married to income equals one so I look forward going on vacation, dates, and buying each other gifts. And also being a complete family... You know with kids. It's ad that this generation act as if marriage is nothing but BS.

  • To me marriage isn't about the party and the show. To me it's about being linked to someone in every way shape and form, being able to 'lay claim' and call him mine. As of late it's a contest to see who spends the most money, who has the most people showing up, it should be about love and commitment. Those vows you read should mean something, they should come from the heart and speak to the soul

  • A status symbol.

    • When you say a status symbol do you think it is meant for a certain class of citizen? Please explain. :)

    • More of a social status symbol.

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  • Like so many things I see... And on this website to be sure, people are taking relationships less and less seriously.

    They are proud, self- willed, puffed up, and unwilling to forgive.

    Too often we feel a loneliness burning in our hearts and souls, so we rush off to find the first person who will bat an eye at us... Then rush to get married, because we think we are happy.

    In my opinion, this is why so many marriages are failing. Unwillingness to stay open to your mate, pride, pride, pride, an unwillingness to forgive. Rushing into a relationship before you truly know on a deeply spiritual level that the person you are dating is the person you will spend the rest of your life with. Just because you think you are "Happy" does not mean you are ready for a relationship, long term.

    I have been alone for some time. In the writhing agony that is being alone when my heart burns for companionship, I have come to understand how immature I am. When I realize how NOT ready I am, to share my soul with a woman, how selfish, and self centered I am, it stings.

    I am saddened over my own lack of maturity.

    But at least I know it's there...

    How many people never realize how unprepared they are to share their life with someone for the remainder of their days? I'd say "Most".

    As for me, marriage is the most sacred covenant a human being can enter into with another human being. You not only share the same bed, but your bodies come together as one. Your souls dance, your hearts bond. You share your time, your pain, with the woman you have committed the rest of your life to... That is no small thing, and I cringe when people say it's just paper.

    Then true love is as common as a kiss, and worth nothing, if that is true.

    Sadly, in my opinion, that is what marriage has become for most. Something that will likely end, so it's not to be taken seriously. Something to be avoided. That is truly sad...

  • Some people just see it as a piece of paper, and that's fine. After all, to them it is.

    For me, I see it as a cultural symbol of lifelong commitment to love someone in the way that love is MEANT to be shared. Unfortunately, either too many people rush into the commitment without knowing themselves and their partners well enough, or they just don't understand what it means to love freely like that.

    I came fairly close to it once--or at least, I thought so at the time. Lucky for me I spent the time getting to know her, and I realized we weren't right for each other.

    I do hope to marry one day, when it's right...

  • IMO, No man should ever marry a woman who HATES him enough to actually let him go through with it.

    The realities that men face when getting married are so bad that only a totally selfish evil or utterly stupid/ignorant person would ever want to put someone they claim to love into that position.

  • Marriage is dead since the arrival of feminism, read this (especially the third one):


  • I think marriage is outdated. I mean it isn't the 1800s anymore. But, yes it's just a piece of paper.