If you are married do you wish at times you were single?(of course you still love your spouse.. but what are the advantages of being single)?

My ex just broke up with me recently and even admitted he met another girl... I have been really having a hard time with it.. I wasn't expecting it at all... help me realize at this point in my life why it's ok to be single... I tried to offer him more but he said it's too late.. im crushed.. he chooses to give a chance to someone he hardly knows why?


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  • probably cause the new girl he hardly knew gives him what he wants right away and you probably didn't but i dont know your story im just guessing

    • Well that's true.. this girl he has only known for 3 weeks has already stayed the night.. I know I wldnt stay over just like that because im raised in the church where it's believed you cnt do that until your married...


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  • NO !!! Im 37 and 95% of my adult life I've been lonely...

    • Aww sorry to hear that but im sure someone is still looking for a guy like you.. you know what's crazy I've realized for some reason every fall I always have a bf but in the summer im always without one..

    • Ah yes... reminds me of that Don Henley song " boys of summer" ... LOL !!!

    • Lmfbo!!!

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  • Being single makes you wanna live your own life. You’ll find that through living your own life and following your own passions that you become stronger, healthier, and happier. You’ll begin to clearly see that you’re worth much more than what you've been getting from him, and suddenly it becomes all too clear what you need to do for you. You may meet a guy that’s a much better match for you while you’re out doing what you love. The bottom line is that only good can come of making time for yourself and pursuing your own interests. so the point is, you only deserve the best, and that means you won’t settle for anything less than what you deserve.