HELP! opinions on what to do next!?

I recently got married. Of course I paid a photographer to do my engagement pictures as well as my wedding day pictures. First, after we got the engagements done (which we took about 300 pictures that day) i ended up getting only 30 pictures total. When I asked to see the rest she informed me she had deleted them. She didn't put them on a CD or anything. I paid for those pictures so i feel i have every right to be mad.
It gets even better though. On my wedding day there were so many pictures taken i can't even count. 2 weeks later she delivered a flash drive that was supposed to hold all the pictures, However, when i plugged it in to take a look there was nothing! I contacted her and of course she had already deleted them from her computer. She refuses to give me my money back and came up with the idea that we can redo pictures. UHM hello i can't relive my wedding day. that would mean getting new of everything and trying to get all my guests back. So what shall i do? I paid good money and she does this for a living?


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  • File a lawsuit against her , if you have proof of everything you paid for
    and in writing how it's suppose to be done, she has to produce what you paid for
    or give your money back plus court cost , she didn't produce what you wanted so
    you have rights to lawsuit , if you got no pictures yes your entitled to lawsuit


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  • wow that is not cool. she is not professional:p if you can, sue her on the grounds of emotional distress amongst many other things. that's the new American way hahaha. sorry your pictures were handled by a person who seems like they couldn't care less about your most special day!

  • Unfortunately, there's probably not much you can do outside of getting your money back. You can talk to the local news.. at least one station has a consumer reporter who will embarrass her. Or you can talk to a lawyer.

  • Sue her, obviously.

    But unless you have a contract with her (signed) it's unlikely you will get anywhere.

    • luckily i did sign a contract. But it said no refund if i wasn't satisfied with my pictures. But since i didn't even get my pictures does that even apply?

    • I think you have a case.

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  • You need to take her to court.