Did a lot of your classmates marry or have kids young?

I just turned 20 last week and I can name 16 people who went to high school with me that are already married 11 of which have already had their first child. I can name 28 girls who got "knocked up" with one child and 4 of them have 2 or more children. None of these people are even 22 yet.
It's seriously making me feel like an old maid , I can't go on Facebook without seeing a bunch of babies or new engagement ring. Anyone share my pain?

  • No, where they do that at? *looks around*
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  • Yes, it's shotgun wedding central here!
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  • Some are married but, don't have kids yet.
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  • People have kids but they aren't married.
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  • I don't keep up with my old classmates.
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  • yeah I'm born and raised in Utah, home of all the "mormons". Their only goal in life is to get married, and have a huge family. I'm not mormon myself, so not only my classmates but my closest friends are not only married and having kids but they like to rub it in peoples faces like they are better than everyone.
    The majority of them get married at about 20. Coming back from their missions.
    My point is, I definitely feel your pain.


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  • Yes. So many have gotten married and some even have kids. Crazy, considering I haven't even been on a date yet.

  • I have no idea. lol.

  • One boy became a father accidentally at 16 with a girl in the same year but different school.

    One girl in my year got engaged in her last year of university, but as far as I know isn't married yet.

    Apart from that, no kids, marriages or engagements as far as I know.


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  • I know what you mean im about to be 22 and I have friend's with kids that are going to kindergarten. Not a lot of them are married but within the last 2 years a few of them got married.

  • I thought I would see more of this but not really. I graduated 2013 and only maybe 5 classmates (including my ex, weeeird) have had kids. One girl is engaged.

    • I didn't even bother to count the engaged people, too much math lol

    • Lol! I guess it depends a lot on where you grew up as well, some places it's more common and/or accepted than others. I only counted engaged because no one has gotten married!

  • This one girl I thought was annoying at high school I just found out yesterday she is pregnant but the baby daddy is nowhere found