Is a kiss good night/saying goodnight too much to ask from a spouse?

When living with a SO is saying goodnight or a kiss too much to expect? No extenuating circumstances. When in bed together, is acknowledgement of going to sleep too much? It's been verbalized as to the importance. Is it a sign of complacency or taking for granted?


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  • We don't say goodnight to each other, because what if we start talking while in bed? It would be redundant having to repeat yourself.

    We prefer to kiss instead, because it's cute and sweet.

    • At least you kiss. Kudos for that!

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    • Well then, stay friends? Friends are for support, lovers are meant for support AND sex. If she doesn't want to be intimate with you anymore, she has no right to hold you back.

      Break up on good terms, if you want to stay friends. But to be honest, from what you said here it doesn't sound like she's that good of a friend.

      Friends don't lie to your face about affection or try to manipulate you. Real friends tell you the truth no matter how blunt or hurtful, because they care about your wellbeing.

    • The truth can hurt, even more so when you are left to learn how one feels from others. At least the truth was given to me by them. Wrapping my head around it and licking my wounds. Thanks for your help.

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  • personally i think its good to say/kiss goodnight

    • As do I! Been told it is too much to expect.

    • too much to expect? why?

    • Wish I had that answer. Guess I am not wanted to kiss or say goodnight. Not sure. Either not good enough or being taken for granted.

  • That's the utmost basic imho.

    • Unfortunately many people weren't raised like that. I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking like this =)
      It's one of the few items on my deal breaker list, ah.

    • So true! Hurtful when one you care about just doesn't get it or care.

  • It's not too much to ask. Often when we fall into the comfortable elements of a relationship, we stop doing the pleasantries, like please and thank yous. If it was a new relationship, we wouldn't. So, it is taking your SO for granted IMO.

    • Exactly. Even worse when pointed out and still not listened to. Thank you

    • Plus, a little kiss goodnight can lead to something more signifying. ;)

    • Significant*

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  • If your gf doesn't appreciate that... then she is a cold, callous, compassionate person.

    I would seriously consider breaking up if I were you, because your emotional needs aren't being met, and there are PLENTY of girls that can fulfull that for you! :)

  • It's not too much to ask.
    It's a really bad sign if someone refuses.

  • a good night kiss from spouse is nice you never know if you will see the person up and moving around the next da