If a man who cheated on his wife and has a stable relationship with another woman, does it mean that that man doesn't love that woman anymore?

if a husband has another woman behind his wife. he and that woman has a stable relationship, and the husband is not attracted to the wife anymore, does that mean the husband doesn't love the wife anymore? or he just wanna find some excitement?


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  • It means he never knew what love meant and never loved her to begin with. Love isn't attraction and isn't lust and isn't a temporary occurrence. And no affair can be considered a "stable relationship" because it is causing instability especially if there are kids involved. Excitement? A man who does that is looking for a temporary high; it has nothing to do with love. So know he probably doesn't love his wife, and he probably never did. If you an affair and cheat on your wife, the women who you promised to love forever, who you share with, who in some situations may have planned her life around those promises, than you clearly never loved her enough to keep those feeling maintained. If you can be such an a** than yeah noo.


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  • It would mean your marriage has lost its spark. Your partner just doesn't make you happy anymore, which means you have two options..

    1. Try and work it out with your wife (renew your vowels, second honeymoon, then just be in an emotional relationship with the other female, nothing physical).


    2. Leave your wife, spend a couple months ALONE, soul searching and figuring out what you want out of this new relationship, start your life with new girl.

  • If you aren't attracted or interested in being with your wife then you probably don't love her, at least not romantically. Maybe you still have companionate love for her. Talking to someone more in depth about your feelings more in depth to see whether or not you still really want to be with her and love or if there is no hope.

  • It means he's an asshole who needs to let his wife be with a real man.

  • I think the only person that man really loves is himself.

  • In my opinion if he loves that other woman then he never really loved his wife in the first place.


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  • no it doesn't mean that...

    • what does that mean then? does the husband not love his wife anymore?

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    • but the husband has a stable relationship with another woman

    • could (emphasis on could) be the other woman is doing stuff thats keeping the bedroom heated up.