Why is this guy getting married?

He still sends me sexy messages and says he likes me. He also flirts with other girls too.


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  • If he is Still sending 'sexy messages' with words of sweet Nothings in your ear, along with 'Flirting and flaunting'------With other girls too-------This Major jerk is Not ready to walk down the aisle with anyone. He's a playboy, a player, and in my mind, God only knows Why he is tying knot, unless there is something in It for him. He wants his sweet ass cake and eat it too. And you can bet your sweet garter belt, he will be back at it, once the honeymoon's over. He can't be trusted. I feel bad for Her... Love is blind, and she must be one cookie who is going in with blinders on.
    Regardless of his reasons for saying "I do," put him on your pay no mind list, so he knows "I don't." Tell him to Move on to someone who cares, and That would be his Fiance, who you will tell in a heartbeat before she has the chance to catch the bouquet, if he doesn't takes his bag of rice and bull and beat it.
    Good luck... Wish I could say the same to him and his Other half. xx

    • Good answer. Thank you x

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    • Give the mouse some credit! lol

    • lol!!! EKK!!!:))


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  • Be glad you won't be his wife. I doubt she will be happy for long.


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  • sometimes i wonder why people get married knowing they aren't ready for it. Only he know the answer like what Paris13 said.
    The only thing you can now is not to contact him ever again, regardless of the channels he use. I pity his wife to be, and I agreed she won't be happy for long.

  • Why do you keep texting him?
    Block him out of your life and stop caring

    • I'm not. He's the one texting me. Get your facts straight before answering.

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    • I did infact block his number, seeing as he blocked me on Facebook he did me a favour , but then he unblocked me to message me. THEN he texted me on another num

    • Block him on Facebook and all tve numbers he ever gets to text yiu. If he doesn't stop, restraining order will do

  • It sounds like he may formally commit to her by marrying her but he is not truly committed. True commitment comes from within a person. Unfortunately he's a player and I guarantee he is hitting on other girls too. He probably cannot commit to anyone.

    Maybe she is pregnant. Maybe he wants a wife for social reasons or the benefit of having a family. Maybe he comes from a cultural or religious background where he wants to get married. Unfortunately people are cheaters. Or they don't respect commitment. Whatever it is be glad you aren't the woman he is marrying.