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So basically there's these two girls that like me. And they're friends. And its awkward. They're both aware that the other likes me and when both of them are around me they engage in a passive aggressive competition with each other. I want to still be friends with them both, and would like them to stay friends too. I just don't know if that would be possible if I actually started going out with one of them. How would you handle this, and have you had any similar experiences?


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  • that situation has way too much drama written all over it! I competed with one of my friends over a guy, and when he chose me our friendship was never the same. I ended up deciding I didn't really like the guy either, and I was short a friend because of it. I would HIGHLY suggest not going out with one of them. It is never good to get in the middle of a friendship.

  • You can be friends with them and that is it. Do not go out with one of them, you will become the guy in the middle and will get involved in an already very messy situation. Also if these girls are true friends they will know the rules and know that you do not go out with a guy which your friend likes as well.


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