Did he really love me? how do I get him back?

Ok well, I am only 15 and I fell for this guy. We got together on our 1 year of knowing each other and now on our 1 month he broke up with me. I don't know what to do. we had sex 3 times and he always told me he loved me and that he always wanted to be with me. I was crushed. I still want to be with him and I would do anything for him! he wants to go pro soccer and that was his reason 4 breaking up with me. how do I get him back. I wanted him to be my one and only! I still want to have sex with him but he said he made a promise with god to wait till marriage. what do you do? I really want to have sex with him and I miss him like crazy? he still wants to be friends and talk and hang out so how can I get him to do it?


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  • You're 15. First of all, chill out. Secondly, if you really care about him, give him his space. DO NOT pressure him to have sex with you. Respect his moral boundaries. If you don't, he may come to resent you for it. And did you mean that you were dating for only a month and had sex three times? or were you dating a year?


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  • Well first of all he played the sh*t out of you and if you want to be firends with this guy you are crazy. But if you want to get back with him you need to ask him exactly what he borke up with you for. have a talk. He really just wanted sex from you to tell you the truth and you should just move on. he didn't love you hun, and you were dumb for believein him. Live and learn I guess... you need to curse him out for playing you like that!

  • If he wanted to wait until marriage he wouldn't have f***ed you in the first place.

    You got played.