Does this mean he wants to marry me someday?

Boyfriend and I both live with family so we have car sex sometimes. After sex we were cuddling and he said baby one day well be sharing our own bed and this will be even better

He knows I don't want to live together if I'm not married and he also has spoken about kids and stuff (not when we were getting sexual)


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  • I think it's just stuff guys say. Don't get your hopes up.


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  • If he stays with family he's not even ready to be considering that yet just being honest

    • When I was student and got married I mostly lived at school and would take an internship and support myself in the summers, but I actually crashed at my parents house for spring break because it was just 1 week, and got married the same week. lol.

      I take it my situation was different, but honestly if this guy has a lot going for him he could probably pull it off.

    • He did live on his own for a while. He moved back with family bc he started a new job nearby it's not permanent.

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  • Well... it certainly seems like it haha. I hope /you/ want to marry him!