Just found out my wife lied to me for a year on loving me and being my friend and won't even say she is sorry how does she live with herself?

that and live with themselves like nothing happened please help me get through this i came home to a fake love everyday when i gave her my love and can just throw me away


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  • Why did she marry you if she didn't love you? Not to be intrusive, but are you rich? That's the only reason I can think of that a woman would marry a man she does not love. Either way, I'm very sorry to hear about this, & I wish you the best of luck.

    • not rich good church guy and thats what she saw and was infaturated with me and lied for a year and when it ran its course she threw me away

    • That is just terrible, I'm sorry to hear that. I don't know what would compel a woman to do that, I hope you can find a nice woman in the future who shares your values, & of course, loves you.

    • i have to move on and just pray for her that she's sees what she did and hope she gets the help she needs and that one day she can forgive herself and say she is sorry to me thanks for the surrport


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  • I'm sorry but from reading your comments I'm sure you're either
    a) not telling is the whole truth or
    b) not telling the truth at all

    How long were you together before you married? Was she divorced? Do you have children? Why did she say she married you if she knew she didn't love you?

    • she had a mental breakdown 6 months i was her first boyfriend and thank God no kids she was infaturated with me and we meet in church so i thought i had a good one so go sale your cookies before u assume things

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    • after you just find out you were lied to for a year about being loved you r not the blame cause you were doing everything for someone you thought loved you and it was all fake that hurts bad and makes you angry for to ever open your heart to anyone and she was a church girl so that makes it harder that she used the word of God to get close thats a crazy person

    • thanks and sorry ur right u just trying to get facts

  • Awww I'm so sorry I don't know why she would do that how long have you been married?

    • 1 year she was feeln guilt the last week with me and now i know cause she was so guilty 4 lying to me 4 a year if she love me she would give me a chance or say she was sorry but its on me to give her a chance if she comes around but iam going to get papers she said

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    • yeah but i would like to help and it hurts to know you put your best and heart out to her and was lied to for a year and kicked to the curb like it never happen who does that crap

    • I don't know..

  • Did she tell you she didn't love you during an argument? Coz that's just the kinda made up shit we say! X

    • no she hasn't said a word in 2monthws just left when i was at work

    • i wish she would argue with me

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  • So she doesn't love you and not your friend? Why did she marry you then? I am really sorry dude. Sounds like either this woman needs some help

    • yes she does she is crazy iam not rich she left me hanging with all the bills