Do you think you'll marry the person you are dating now, why or why not?

*Please tell your age and whether or not you're single, if you're single then do you want to date more people or would you want to become married to the next one.

  • Yes, we're engaged already.
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  • Yes, our relationship is going strong.
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  • No, our relationship is weak.
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  • No, our relationship is strong but we probably won't marry.
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  • I am single.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • When I date someone, I want it to be permanent. What's the point otherwise?

    • Fun and enjoyment with a friend; commitment is unappealing to even the most desirable women in my mind. I only want something permanent with someone special.

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What Girls Said 4

  • Yeah, I really do think I'll marry the guy I'm with now. He feels the same. We're not engaged yet because we both still feel it's pretty soon. I'm 22 and he's 21.

  • I'm almost 20, and single (just broke up with my boyfriend of two years). I date with the intent of looking for marriage, so anyone I date I consider a potential marriage partner. If I can't see myself marrying you, I will probably just stick to being friends.

  • 21YO, well. if I am dating i would thinking about it but not obsessed over it like "omg must marry!!!" I feel like dating is more or less to see if we are compatible, in terms of frequency... if i am happy etc. marriage is somewhat like an affirmation given to one another " yeah I am sure i want nobody else and i am happy with you alone"
    well.. doesn't really matter if i get married or not, or have any dates or not. what matters is that will date the guy i feel comfortable and like (love?) and marry the man I am confident that i want to walk through every thick and thin with him, regardless what happen. Never in a hurry, (not because I am young) have to master how to be happy alone and it's just the matter of when am i going to meet (or perhaps never) the person that brings me joy and i makes him smile. (and of course with responsibilities blah blah blah) :'D

  • You don't have an option for me...


What Guys Said 2

  • I chose "yes, going strong", but if there was an option "it's too early to tell" I'd pick that instead.

    I'm dating someone who at first glance seems to be at the other end of the spectrum in terms of temperament. But I haven't been able to nitpick anything at all about her. Her personality is great. She is really enthusiastic about going out with me. And I'm starting to get comfortable being with her.

    If there are no negative surprises, I do think I'll marry this girl a few years' down the road.

  • We're practically engaged without the actual proposal yet (long distance).