Right guys - I am engaged and my h2b will not sit down with me and pick a date - what does that mean?

i am engaged and my h2b will not sit down with me and pick a date he keeps saying 'I will tomorrow'... - what does that mean? has he just asked me to marry him and not actually want to make it official and set a date?

he will not tell me when I ask... should I just leave him to it until he is ready, also he has brought stuff for the wedding and got the funds all sorted and looked at venue he has done a lot towards it but just won't set a date


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  • Yeah, just leave it alone for now. He is probably still processing the whole marriage thing in his mind. I know that it took my fiance 3 months before finally settling on a date. How long have you been engaged?

    • 4-5 months - every one keeps asking and when I say not yet they question if I am doing the right thing

    • Hmmm, yeah. I would say in this case it's about time you picked a date. Then you can get moving on setting up the details of the wedding. Maybe start by picking out several different dates, and letting him choose the final date from that list. That's exactly what I did.

      Picking a date will make the whole thing REAL. It sucks to be "perpetually engaged" because that's not how it's supposed to be. There is an end goal here (the wedding). Having a date set will put everything into action.

    • we know where we getting married and the evening venue I just want a date to book it before we miss out... and also I can do my save the date cards lol :) thanks hun x


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  • he just doesn't seem ready to make a date yet, most likely still has other top priorities he wants to bang out first and a lot on his mind.


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  • He shouldn't have proposed if he wasn't ready to get married. I think sometimes men propose to shut women up.

    • yeah that was my initial thought but we do love each other and want to be together for ever and all that jazz lol may be he has got a lot going on at the mo who knows lol

    • He can love you but not be ready to get married lol

  • What? I wasn't even engaged a whole 24 hours and we had a date! Lol. Maybe he's nervous and actually setting a date stresses him out. It makes it all official and everything. I don't think that he don't wanna marry you or anything I think he's just scared... its a big step I'm life.