Would it be great for me to be married as soon as possible?

I am 20 years old with very little dating experience. I am also a virgin seeking another virgin, which is not too easy to find, especially one to my liking.

I have decided that when I do find this girl, I want to just settle down, get married, and have kids. I don't want to fool with dating anymore.

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Of course I would marry her for more than the fact she is a virgin. But that is a deal breaker.


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  • But who would want to marry you?

    • Why would you ask that?


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  • It's definitely far more important that you find a girl who is right for you, not any girl who is a virgin. I honestly don't think that virginity itself matters very much. Finding someone who you love should be your main priority.

    • But if I love her and she is a virgin, why not?

    • If you love her, then that would be okay.

    • But don't ask a girl on the first date or anything; That would probably creep her out!!!

  • If you are from a religious background and find another girl that shares those religious values and upbringing it makes sense. But if you are not, you are playing with fire.


What Guys Said 3

  • I understand where you are coming from, brother. But I don't know about the settling down part, that sounds horrible.

    There is much meaning in virginity, at least for me because of many interesting things that've happened.

    Try and find someone who has the same idea as you on virginity rather than whether they're a virgin or not.

  • Just because you get married doesn't mean you will skip all of those awkward and amazing stages of a relationship. In fact marriage + kids will only complicate those stages. Relationships are a marathon not a sprint. Enjoy the ride.

  • More power to you! We need more of this!