Any KsE (killswitch engage) fans

i love the new album, but I still go back to ADD (as daylight dies) just cause I like it so much

just wanted ur opinions on the band, and the fact that the new album is the second time they've self titled an album


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  • I've heard only a few of their songs and they sound pretty good to me. I like such songs as Rose of Sharyn, The End of Heartache, & The Arms of Sorrow. You've just reminded me. Meant to before, but now I'm going to check out more of their songs.

    • Haha, go for it, I recommend the new album, still a "as daylight dies" person

  • No

    • If you don't like it, don't post anything

    • I wanted the points.

    • Still not a reason to post, you should get points taken away for this, not given to you

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